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Trac is an online system for tracking software bugs and organizing software development. OLPC uses an instance of trac, located at, to coordinate all its official software development. Bugs, features, and other work items are entered into trac as trac tickets. This assigns the work a unique reference number, which can be used to track progress using the trac system. (See also: reporting bugs)

older suggestions not included in the above

Gregorio 10:45, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

From Michael's notes on recent meeting:

Please comment on that thread. Once we are agreed we can update this page and link them from Trac per Bert's suggestion.

In yesterday's software status meeting, we formulated some conventions for using Trac for the next few months. They are:

2. Greg will record customer preference data according to whatever means he sees fit and will inform us of these data in regular meetings.

3. Kim wants a way to keep track of 'critical' bugs. Michael defined 'critical bugs' as those bugs which receive the most careful oversight by the release team. Shortly, the release team will invent a convention for identifying such bugs which permits their inclusion in reports. These reports will be listed on the frontpage of Trac.

4. People should indicate the release they _wish_ that changes would land in via the Milestone field.

6. When it's unambiguous, people should attach test results to tickets with tags like:

joyride-2027:- -- the issue persists in joyride-2027 joyride-2029:+ -- the issue was not reproducible in joyride-2027

If appropriate, please also describe the test procedure that was executed to generate the result.

Please comment freely.



Trac ticket wiki markup

The OLPC wiki is configured to allow automatic linking to trac tickets using special markup. For example, this code:


renders as the a link to the page for trac ticket item number 1:


There is also Template:Ticket and Template:Trac, not recommended; {{ticket|42}} renders as #42.

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