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Initial Setup

  1. Use "ifconfig" to determine the ip address of the XS.
    Take note of its eth0-ip-address = WAN-ip.
    If you've inserted the USB Ethernet Adapter above (serving the LAN/Intranet) also take note of the school server's eth1-ip-address = LAN-ip =
  2. If you inserted the USB Ethernet Adapter above, configure its own Wifi Access Point (AP) to properly serve other LAN/Intranet client XOs. (If the Wifi AP is a router, DO NOT plug into its "WAN" port -- instead use any of its LAN/normal ports. And be sure to enable the AP's "bridge mode" or similar, or specifically disable the AP's own DHCP)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (dhcpd)

Internet Domain Name Server (named)

Network Address Translation/NAT (iptables)

XMPP server (ejabberd)


Web server (apache)=

Proxy server and web cache (squid)

OLPC-update (rsync)

Activity update (activity updater)

Virtual Private Network (open vpn)