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School Server - Community Edition 0.3 Project Specifications


The school server is very similar in concept to a standard home wireless router. In everyday usage it provides various services which extend capabilities of the connected laptops while being totally transparent to the user. These services can include:

  • Network connection – various services similar to what you would find in a home router.
  • Presence server – Augments sugar's native collaboration functionality.

Reference User

The XS-CE has two different types of reference user:

  • Skilled sysadmins running micro-deployments
  • Mid-sized deployment with limited onsite sysadmins


School servers can be run on an XO.


XSCE v0.3 will run on all 3 types of XO laptops:

  • XO 1.5
  • XO 1.75
  • XO 4

In common usage, the XO may be augmented by two off the shelf USB devices and a local access point:

  • Network connector – Allow the server to offer internet access to connected XO's via a wired access point.
  • NEW IN 0.3 -- a second USB internet dongles for wired connection to a wide area network or internet service provider.



A RPM combined with tested installation instructions necessary to convert a standard XO-1.5, XO-1.75, XO-4 or Fedora-compatible x86 computer into a School Server.

Base OS

NEW IN 0.3 -- OLPC-OS 13.1.0

Modular design

One of the key design criteria of successful community-based projects is modularity.

NEW IN 0.3 -- 'plug in services'

Core Server

The core server will contain five services which can be extended via extended services.

Service: Network setup
Provider: xs-setup-network

Service: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Purpose: Schoolserver and clients need to be on same subnet.
Provider: dhcpd

Service: Iptables -- Network Address Translation (NAT)
Purpose: Permits all XO’s to access the internet.
Provider: gateway

Service: Internet domain name server
Provider: named

Service: Backup of student work and restore
Provider: idmgr

Service:Jabber server
Purpose: collaboration > 15 clients needs to work.
Provider: ejabberd

Extended Services

Service: Web server
Purpose: Building block for many other extended services
Provider: apache

Service: proxy server and web cache
Purpose: bandwidth, web-filtering, web-monitoring
Provider: squid

Service: OLPC-update
Purpose: OLPC-update is necessary to update the kernel of XO
Provider: rsync

Service: Activity update
Purpose: Enables teachers to easily distribute new or updated activities to their students
Provider: activity updater

Service: Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Purpose: Creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities
Provider: openvpn

Service: Moodle
Purpose: classroom and courseware management
Provider: Moodle 1.9.3 and Postgresql