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Infrastructure gang

Are you an experienced *NIX sysadmin looking for a way to volunteer for One Laptop per Child? Are you committed to upholding high ethical standardsin the performance of your sysadmin duties?

We are looking for a few good sysadmins to assist with our public-facing infrastructure. Want to get to know one of the most inspiring volunteer movements on this planet?

Weekly meetings

Regular IRC meeting will be at irc://irc.oftc.net#treehouse 4:00 pm EST (UTC-5), or 4:00 pm EDT (UTC-4) as appropriate, every Tuesday.

#treehouse meeting logs

(old #olpc-admin logs and even older logs )

Get involved

The spirit of OLPC includes one core thing: the community. This includes everyone, from the children and their families to their teachers and everyone who are collaborating towards the success of the project.

How to get in touch
The fast way to find us:

Purpose of the Volunteer Infrastructure Group aka infrastructure-gang

  • Make system administration more effective and efficient
  • Improve the infrastructure systems through "many hands/many minds"
  • Strengthen ties with the community