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The information here is likely to be out-of-date. Consult the new pages for "XoIRC" first:

An IRC client based on URK


This activity allows you to contact other OLPC users and enthusiasts on the internet, and chat with them.

It uses a system called Internet Relay Chat. There are several IRC channels for OLPC users and developers.

It defaults to a "room" called #olpc-help, but you can also enter other rooms by typing /join #room where room is the name of the room you wish to join.

Some other OLPC rooms are listed here.

Installation Instructions

Screenshot showing the view upon loading.

To install this activity, simply download xoIRC-4.xo, from inside the Browse activity. Then Resume (open) the XoIRC activity from the Journal when it has finished downloading.

Nicks and passwords

To register a nick on irc.freenode.net, type the following:

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD

where you choose NICKNAME and PASSWORD.

Then to log on with your nick, :

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD

To make your default IRC nickname match your default XO nickname, apply this patch: http://zoehep.xent.com/~bsittler/XoIRC-nick.diff

Useful features

Tab completion

When someone types your nickname in a message, bold text is used to attract your attention – very useful when there are lots of conversations in one room. You can make use of this trick when you reply to someone by either typing their nickname, or pressing the TAB key. The TAB key will quickly cycle through the nicknames of others users in the room.

Changing servers

Some irc rooms are hosted from different servers (XoIRC defaults to irc.freenode.net). If you need to change server, use:

/server new.server.address


If you want to hint at some action you're taking, you might like to try the /me command:

/me goes to make a cup of tea
/me is reading the documentation
/me is here for the meeting


Eduardo Silva wrote this IRC client. It is based on Urk, a free, open source IRC client originally designed for the GNOME desktop.

Look for the latest bundles in [1]. Currently XoIRC-4.xo.

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