XS Community Edition/5.0/Ansible Progress

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This IIAB XSCE content does not reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of a volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.

The following table tracks the progress of implementing ansible roles for each of the xs-config plugin.d modules. In addition, there are roles implemented in ansible that had no corresponding plugin module. Green means all xs-config functionality has been ported. The comments may indicate further work for future releases.

Reminder: This XSCE 5.0 work is in preparation future XSCE features (chart begun Oct 2013, building on foundations below).

plugin.d role Status
acpowergaps NA No conversion planned for 0.5
activity-server activity-server xs-config functionality ported
avahi part of common Not fully implemented in xs-config nor in ansible
cups ? rpms only in xs-config, nothing in ansible
dansguardian squid Fully implemented
dhcpd gateway Fully implemented
ejabberd ejabberd Fully implemented
gateway gateway Fully implemented
gui NA replaced by ajenti
httpd httpd Fully implemented
idmgr idmgr Fully implemented
IIAB iiab Implemented as embedded, but not as appliance
monit monit Fully implemented
moodle moodle Fully implemented
named named Fully implemented
network network Fully implemented; some refinement to device detection
nmon NA RPM s only in xs-config & disabled
ntop NA RPM s only in xs-config & disabled
one2many NA RPM s only in xs-config & disabled
openvpn NA RPM s only in xs-config & disabled
pathagar pathagar Testing
portal portal Equivalent of xs-config; requires more work
postgresql postgresql being reworked for future release
puppet NA Not required
sdcard NA Not done in xs-config
sleep NA Not done in xs-config
squid squid Fully implemented
stats stats Fully implemented; x64 rpm in future release
tccustomize ? tiny core wrapper for install rpm, not yet added for ansible
upload ? Still to be done. Should be part of admin gui
vnc ? Not implemented; disabled xs-config
xo-admin ? Not implemented; disabled xs-config
xs-security ? Not implemented