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XOchat.org community server was one of the first public community servers available. There were regularly 80 users online.

To setup your XO, open the terminal activity and type:

  % sugar-control-panel -s jabber xochat.org

Restart Sugar/X (ctrl-alt-erase) and you will connect to the jabber server.

Regional Chat servers

We have set up xochat.org to have various regional servers. Sometimes, if too many people join one server - sugar will slow down. You can alleviate the slowdown by joining a regional server that isn't too crowded.

To add a regional server in your area, send a wikimail to Harper Reed

Regional Server List

Hostname Region Connection Command
xochat.org Any % sugar-control-panel -s jabber xochat.org
bos.ma.us.xochat.org Boston Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber bos.ma.us.xochat.org
chi.il.us.xochat.org Chicago Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber chi.il.us.xochat.org
den.co.us.xochat.org Denver Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber den.co.us.xochat.org
dsm.ia.us.xochat.org Des Moines Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber dsm.ia.us.xochat.org
nyc.ny.us.xochat.org New York City Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber nyc.ny.us.xochat.org
sea.wa.us.xochat.org Seattle Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber sea.wa.us.xochat.org
van.bc.ca.xochat.org Vancouver Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber van.bc.ca.xochat.org
was.dc.us.xochat.org Washington DC Area % sugar-control-panel -s jabber was.dc.us.xochat.org
xochat.de Germany (not affiliated with xochat.org) % sugar-control-panel -s jabber xochat.de


The XOchat.org community server was created by Tom Hoffman. It is now hosted by Harper Reed. The XOchat.de community server was created by Caspar Clemens Mierau and Anselm Helbig.