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This page defines the requirements, schedule and overall planning for release 9.1.0

Weekly meetings on 9.1.0 are held on Wed. at 2PM US ET on IRC - freenode.net #olpc-meeting

Feature requests tracks features, requirements, and requests, and plans by customer; Feature roadmap tracks all software features by technical strategy.

See also, plans for upcoming technical conference at: XOcamp 2


This release is the first major new feature release after 8.2.0 Its is the first of two major feature releases we want to deliver in 2009. The target date for this release is March 7, 2009 (Note: date and feature set not final and subject to change).

This release must run on all existing XO hardware.

Technical strategy

This section outlines the main areas of technology that we will focus on improving. All of the specific features should address one of these primary concerns. The choice of these comes from listening to users and deployment leads and hearing what their concerns.

The strategic priorities are to make the XO work the way users expect and help get the XO deployed more quickly in more countries.

Easier to deploy and maintain

Easier to deploy focuses on facilitating the imaging of XOs, their activation, the installation and extension of custom leases and anything else needed to get the XOs from the factory in to the schools. Some examples include:

  1. Creating customization images (to include language packs and rpms)
  2. Installing images in the warehouse
  3. Activation and Leases

Easier to maintain focuses on upgrading, keeping the XOs working, monitoring them and allowing recovery of data from errors. Some examples include:

  1. Upgrade in the schools
  2. Updating activities
  3. Reducing power consumption

Greater reliability and performance

  • No loss of data. Fewer crashes and fewer open bugs than 8.2 and previous releases. See also: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Gregorio/8.2.0_release_criteria
  • At the time of the release, works the way the manual says it works. That is, all of the things explained and listed in these manuals must work as described.


  • Better performance includes faster GUI interactions. Includes launching activities, switching from one activity to another, using the journal and using the frame. GUI, activities, back ups.

Primary release drivers

Date: March 7, 009

Customers: Rwanda, Peru, Ethiopia, Uruguay, Haiti, OLPC Birmingham


Top Priority

The following are critical must-deliver features for this release. The categories are listed in priority order.

1 - Rebasing on F10 and allowing "regular" Fedora window managers and applications to run.
Rebase on Fedora 10

2 - Activation/lease/signing/image customization. A subset of the features in Category:Security, activation and deployability

3 - Power management. Some key features in Category:Power management

4 - Localization/translation. Feature_roadmap/SCIM

Further definition of each feature and tagging of related sub-features will happen in December, 2008. Next up are the important but priority 2 features.

Second Priority

These are very important features which benefit priority deployments. Any available engineer is encouraged to help with these, provided it does not take time away from working on the top priority features.


Sign in to the wiki and leave your suggestion for any activities you think we should install by default here.

Each activity will need a maintainer, latest version, and a test case to be considered for the release.

The maintainer is the Property:Contact person on the activity's wiki page (click [Edit with form] and modify "Maintainer's user page" to update). The .xo URL and version for 9.1.0 should be in the activity's Activities/My activity_(latest) fragment, e.g. Activities/Chat_(latest). (If this latest version is incompatible with 8.2.0, make sure that Activities/G1G1/8.2 does not reference it.)

Default Activities for 9.1.0
Name "(latest)" fragment Documentation URL to Test Case License status Status Comments
Chat Activities/Chat (latest) Chat GPLv2+ Accepted pending final tests.

Please help add all potential activities to this table. Add as much info as you have and leave the rest blank.


(sign your nominations with -- ~~~~)

  • I nominate Develop. Version and test case upcoming. Homunq 15:04, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

Lists of possible candidate activities

{{#ask: Activity group::Activities/G1G1 | format = list}}
  • Activity queries has a sortable list of every wiki page in Category:Activities.
  • As of December 3rd 2007, the following activities have test pages but aren't in the Activities/G1G1 list above.
Clock, Colors! (was Color?) Comic (not sure what this is), GCompris-Chess, GCompris-Sudoku, License, x2o
(The full list of activities with test pages is
Analyze, Browse, Calculate, Clock, Color, Comic, Distance (now Acoustic Tape Measure), Etoys, Gcompris-Chess, Gcompris-Sudoku, Help, Implode, Log, Maze, Measure, Memorize, Moon, Paint, Pippy, Read, Record, TurtleArt, x2o )
Comic Maker, Firefox, Games/Productive, HablarConSara, HelloMesh, Image Viewer, Lambda, Pacman, Physics, PlayGo, Rollcats, Turtle Art/lang-es, XO-GCC, Xo-get/Xo-get-gtk, XoIRC


  • December 5 - Agree and document on Trac usage. Tag critical features for 9.1.0 on roadmap page and linked on 9.1.0 page.
  • December 12 - Trac scrub underway bugs targeted for inclusion in 9.1.0 flagged. First pass at requirements definition done for all main features.
  • December 19 - Scrub of all past Trac bugs completed. Last round of comments on requirements. First pass at specification write ups. Rough scoping recorded and engineers assigned.
  • December 24 - Branch strategy defined and check in branch chosen (Joyride?). Weekly bug triage begun.
  • January 7 - Presentations for XO Camp shared. All specifications posted and reviews scheduled. Code reviews scheduled as needed. Designs of major features shared with key customers for confirmation and comment.
  • January 12 to 15 - XO Camp held. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XOcamp_2.
  • January 16 - Sugar 0.83 string/API/feature freeze. See: http://sugarlabs.org/go/DevelopmentTeam/Release/Roadmap
  • January 23 - Code for all major features in branch. Alpha test begun. Daily bug triage begun. Something similar to Steam milestone announced.
  • January 30 - Beta test begun. Must fix bugs listed in Trac. Release notes started.
  • February 9 - First Release Candidate built. Regression test defined. List of target activities to include in default image chosen. Something similar Water milestone announced.
  • February 16 - Second release candidate chosen. Default activities tested. Something similar to Ice announced. Penultimate regression test set. Release notes new feature section, final edit. Open bugs section started.
  • February 28 - Final release candidate chosen. Image sent to Quanta for factory verification. Final regression test done. Upgrade tests done for release notes.
  • March 7 - Quanta ships first XO with new image. Final release notes written and reviewed. On time release!
  • March 8 - Release announcement sent out.

Possible QA milestones:
- Start creating test cases for each feature.
- Finish creating test cases.
- Execute all test cases once.

First stab at schedule done by Gregorio 18:50, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

Standard information

(These are all semantic annotations that other pages such as Releases can query.)

Status: status::gathering requirements and setting priorities

Primary maintainer: not chosen yet

ECO: not yet

Primary objectives:

The process is not final. It is a set of rough guidelines still being worked out and subject to change.

Lead customer: Peru, Ethiopia, Uruguay, Haiti, Mongolia, Nepal, Rwanda

Build number and URL: Build number::999

Schedule: Signed and final image available for download and new XOs built with 9.1.0 in manufacturing by Target date::March 15, 2009