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FileMix - Audio File Player/Mixer/Processor Utilities for Children.

The four options that comprise the FileMix utility activity are: FileMix4, FileMix4ASC, FileMix and FileMixASC. FileMix4 and FileMix4ASC require 4 stereo soundfiles, while FileMix and FileMixASC can handle 1-4 mono or stereo soundfiles. The files can be of any sample rate and a variety of uncompressed formats including WAV and AIFF; also Ogg/Vorbis, but not MP3.

FileMix4 and FileMix require MIDI controllers, while FileMix4ASC and FileMixASC use ASCII keyboard.

English text only; for older children.

Children are encouraged to create their own sound files (as with the Record activity), and make original "nature soundscapes." Four default sound files are included.

Now Hosted at - git repository:


.xo bundle:

Creator/Maintainer: Art Hunkins (