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Tuesday February 2, 1200 EST


  • Website messaging: Haiti, XO timeline, hardware, software, people
    • Peru country page, Haiti request & address, updated
    • Website updating: people page, vision pages, & other out of date information on the website
  • Public campaigns: Newsletter update : text, website, newsroom
  • Haiti responses and email update
  • News and other text for Feb 8: Activities, Peru, African Union trip, archive design
    • FAQs: about each of the above.
  • Africa trip update
  • calendar (team cal): share updates. Make better use of G!Cal?
    • Upcoming conferences and events (FOSDEM, Roadshows, 1:1-con Vienna; Tech & Advo & other)

New business

  • Corps : How can we help?
  • Upcoming announcements
    • Process for making/reviewing -- we should circulate a proposal
    • Association annc.
    • Peru/1.5 (2 months late?)