Alarm Clock, Randomizing WAV/MP3

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Randomizing alarm clock v0.1

This alarm clock displays the time full-screen. It has a menu bar that appears when you move the pointer to the top third of the screen. You can set an alarm, and it plays a random WAV or MP3 file from a directory you enter. It has a snooze (press any key to snooze) with an adjustable snooze interval.

This version has to be run from the command line, and you have to edit the file to enter the sound file directories. It has been tested on build 653 and keeps the screen from blanking. It has not been tested on the power-managed builds. You have to install mpg321 to play MP3s.

I wrote this because I get used to alarm clocks that sound the same all the time, and they no longer wake me up. The XO is a good platform for this because it has speakers but is otherwise silent, uses no more power than an alarm clock, has battery backup, and you can read the screen without the backlight.

$ wget
More instructions are at the top of the file. To run:
$ python

Features that would be nice in the future:
Make it an XO package
Fix it to keep power-managed builds awake (when Update.1 comes out)
Recursive search for sound files
Be able to silence the first alarm with a handclap