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  Please copy/paste "{{Translationlist | xx | origlang=en | translated={{{translated}}}}}" (where xx is ISO 639 language code for your translation) to Art wanted/translations HowTo [ID# 106864]  +/-  


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  • See also Artist Roll Call for artists offering to collaborate.
  • Artists can also check Ongoing Community Art Projects for ongoing projects that any/everyone can help with.
  • For more general information, see Community:Art

For organization: Please put new projects at the top of the list. Completed projects should be removed or clearly marked as no longer applicable (I will create a space for completed art projects and link to it from here). --Nikki

Art Wanted

Project Name Project Description Type of Art Needed Contact Artists Involved Additional Information
the title/name of your project a basic description of your project what kind of art you want (icons? character art? illustrations?) who to contact (link to user page suggested) tell us who's working on it, so people can communicate anything else you want to say
Health Portal poster We could use a poster/flyer design incorporating the text of Health portal. poster/flyer SJ
logo for Music and for Math Can someone work on logos for the music and math portals, similar to the one for Health? logos SJ
Forum menu icons The community forum, could use some better menu items. Currently, they are too generic to convey meaning (live chat, global map, calendar) Current style. We could really use some improvements on the following 5 icons: Forum / Live (IRC) Chat, volunteer global map, current events, support portal. Mburns Themeing and general color changes are encouraged.
Google push-pin XOs for Forum The community forum, is going to have a Google Maps-provided page, showing what city (participating) developers and volunteers live in. Useful for meetups, organizations and awesome statistics. :) I would like XO icons with a couple different basic color combos. Volunteers, Developers, Translators, Educators, XO Users, etc... Pictures should be 15x15 pixel, transparent PNGs. The guide explains it all here: Mburns
Simplified user guide graphics Black and white or greyscale graphics of the XO to explain tasks with pictures instead of words. Top priorities are images showing the opening and flipping of the case, turning it on, charging the battery, plugging in peripherals, and a graphic of the XO created so that screenshots can fit into the graphic.
Additional requirements SUG Art Needed
There are several sample photos of the approximate areas we are trying to describe, in the laptop wiki. The general concept follows the Pixter manual's style as shown in this PDF. The tool used for creation doesn't matter as much as the ability to get graphics that can be used in print or web, such as both EPS and JPG. Ideally it would be a program that uses layers for easier editing later. Especially important is that the text can later be easily separated from the graphic for translation to additional languages. There is further information about graphics formats for OLPC on choosing image formats. However, please keep in mind that we'd like to use these for print output, not just online output Annegentle isforinsects This would make a wonderful portfolio piece for someone. Please help. n/a
Brazil Game Jam The Brazil Game Jam needs artists - being in Brazil is not a requirement. various art needed SJ, Mel, or Nikki n/a n/a
ISIS - Adventure Stories adventure/rpg game creator, where children develop their adventure/rpg simple games Make simple images like a bag for inventory, screen's designs Faga 13:56, 11 August 2007 (EDT) Nobody yet. Please take this task!
Redesign Activity Grid The Activity Grid is where everyone (developers, contributors, and end-users, including kids) is going to learn about/download/use various .xo activities for the laptop, and it needs to be easier and more pleasant to use - colors, graphics, icons, etc. Graphic/webdesign SJ Klein Needs an artist! Would be great to have this done by the end of September for Release 2.
"Translate/Translations" icon Find or make an icon that means "translation/multilingual/translate." Icon Mel Chua Eduardo For use in templates, translations, multilingual books, etc. Simple, small (legible at 32x32px), square, scaleable, preferably monotone. Think standard icons (albeit w/ the option of being monotone) or the rss icon. Ideally would be usable outside the OLPC project to mean "translate" as well... there may already be such a standard icon, but I can't find one - but look first, and ask around.
Review Squad icon Need a visual image that means "Review squad", our cadre of kid reviewers/testers (for both software and content). simple icon Mel Chua Delucks,Eduardo What we really need is a fifth "icon" (like the four "1" "laptop" "arrow" "xo" icons on the front of to denote "Review squad," a kid reviewing something. Perhaps the "xo" icon wearing a baseball cap, with lightbulb over their head, or pencil in hand?
Review Squad wikipage banner Make a "splash banner" logo for the Review squad (for an example of a splash banner with text below it, look here - we want a similar picture w/o the text) wikipage banner Mel Chua Eduardo Needs review squad icon, above. It will be easy to make the logo/banner from there.
Review Squad OBX Make an OBX for Review squad members to place on their userpages. OBX Mel Chua Nobody yet. Please take this task! Should use the "Review squad" icon from the "Review squad icon" task above.
Review Squad webpage badges Make little (static, animated, whatever) badges that people can put on their webpages to show membership in or support of the OLPC review squads. small webpage badges Mel Chua Nobody yet. Please take this task! Should use the "Review squad" icon from the "Review squad icon" task above. There should be at least two badges - one for Review squad members (kids, under 18) and one for supporters, maybe a "Member of the OLPC Review Squad" and a "Join the OLPC Review Squad" one, respectively.
Summer of Content logo/shirt Make a logo for the Summer of Content 2007 program, and a t-shirt design (they can be the same thing, or we can put some kind of witty quote on the back of the t-shirt, or they can be two separate things, or whatever). Estimated work time < 6hr total including discussions, editing, and tweaking. Logo and shirt design. Vector graphics preferred, t-shirt design should use 3 colors or less if possible (bonus points for good-lookin' monochrome!) Mel Chua I can do it. Anyone who has ideas or wants to collaborate can hit my talk page, though!--Nikki This is time-sensitive; we need the task finished before July 20, 2007. The Google Summer of Code logo looks like this. This logo will be used for everything in the Summer of Content 2007 program - and possibly the SoCon program in general, and the T-shirt will be printed and sent out to the 100-odd mentors and interns working this summer, so w00t. We'll send you one, too.
T-shirts Wearable advertising to attract potential volunteers T-shirt designs and art MitchellNCharity 11:59, 13 July 2007 (EDT) everyone and anyone: Ongoing Community Art Projects
background creation create backgrounds for games, so that game developers will have a database of game backgrounds vector art would probably work well for this, but I leave it to your discretion Nikki or Mel everyone and anyone: Ongoing Community Art Projects
resource creation Create a collection of coin and bill images, from all the trial-2 Countries(green), as a resource for Activities. Searching out images on the web, and basic image processing to prepare them for use. MitchellNCharity 10:32, 8 July 2007 (EDT) Nikki Bills are usually easy. Coin images, if they haven't been already, need to be clipped to the coin (no border), and the background made transparent. PNG being the ideal format. See also User:MitchellNCharity#Content: Images of currency - coins and bills/notes.
VisionScreeningDemo visual acuity and other tests for vision screening toolbar icons: 'left eye covered', 'right eye covered', 'both eyes uncovered'. MitchellNCharity 10:24, 24 June 2007 (EDT) none Perhaps come by #olpc-content and chat.
support for activity programmers and artists assist creation of iso-luminance palettes Find FOSS Lab or Munsell color pickers. And/or create tables of iso-luminance colors. MitchellNCharity 10:20, 24 June 2007 (EDT) none I want colorful activities. One obstacle is finding color values. Eg, "ok, I want a 128 gray line in direct sunlight, but I'd like it purple in color. What's the rgb value of a purple which becomes 128 gray in mono?". For tables, maybe {192,128,64,"very light, just a tint"} gray? In a few hues? Though finding a picker might be easier? Or am I missing something, and this is all easy if you just do foo?

Xavi points out Munsell! With a palette! :) Which helps, but a richer palette would be nice. We don't need to use Munsell's colorspace-smushing coordinates.

Display now has a code snippet which takes a gray-level, plus rgb, and returns a similar rgb which has roughly the given gray level.

There is also a Munsell color table in the sugar source. I'm not sure if it's a duplicate of the one in Munsell or not.

olpc wiki Create a video, composed of existing footage, selected for appeal to educators. To draw them in, and help build up the olpc educator community. video - clip selection, gathering and assembly. Finding good footage doesn't require editing skills, so that could be a separate task. MitchellNCharity 17:53, 21 June 2007 (EDT) none There is a lot of olpc-related video footage. Almost all unedited. When watching it, I think "oh, I wish I could show teacher friends that minute of that talk, and those seconds over there, and...". A video composed of these, perhaps posted in Educators, might help build up the educator community.
OLPC content bundles Improve design, colors and icons in these bundles. . Arael dicts(at) Nobody yet. Please take this task!