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Status: see notes on this page
Version: 1
Base: No
Source: included in the .xo bundle
l10n: missing
Chris Abraham, Robert Myers


Based on the Asteroids port to pygame. See

This version of Asteroids is Asteroids 6 by Ian Mallett. The original repository can be found here.

Asteroids does not work as installed

The XO bundle as it sits does not run. The manifest does not bring over Imageload (py or pyc). To run this you need to copy ImageLoad.pyc from the repository to the asteroids.activity directory on your XO.

from Terminal type

cd /home/olpc/Activities/asteroids.activity

Then type in


You must be connected to the internet for wget to work. If you get a message that the file failed, and you've confirmed that you typed everything correctly, try again later.

As seen at

There are some playability issues with the application as it stands

  • very small text
  • low contrast of some screen elements
  • not filling XO screen
  • game is not 'throttled' and was meant for a much faster machine, so some actions are very sluggish

I am working on getting a new bundle addressing these issues back into the repository. Rmyers 18:15, 29 April 2008 (EDT)

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This version of Asteroids is Asteroids 6 by Ian Mallett.]]

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