Backlight replacement

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Replacing a backlight is a relatively simple task. To do so, you will need a standard #1 and #0 Phillips head screwdriver and something to hold screws in. (In a pinch, parts taken off the XO can serve as temporary containers) This repair can be done within 15 minutes, even with little experience. Begin by taking out the screen, as in Screen replacement.

Before we begin

Taking off the front panel

Open the laptop and flip the screen up. Rotate it a 90 degree angle as shown in the sequence below. Next, remove the screws from the bottom of the screen - there are two on each side (right/left) of the XO, so make sure to get all four.

Flip screen up
Unscrew - remember, there are 4.

Step 2

Remove the two green panels from the side of the XO. Slide them upwards and lift them off as shown.

Screen 2a.jpg
Slide up
Lift off

Step 3

Finally, pull off the front panel. It is tabbed, so it can simply be pulled out. Pull the bottom out (where the screws came out), and gently slide the piece downwards and out.

Screen 3a.jpg
Screen 3b.jpg

Taking out the screen

Step 1

To get the screen out, remove the four screws highlighted.


Step 2

Next, carefully slide the screen out, pulling the bottom out. Do not tug it or let go, as it will still be connected to the motherboard by two cables.

Slide out gently
Screen 4c.jpg
Watch out for cables!

Unhook the cable
Watch out for this little cable, too.
Good to go!

Taking out the backlight

Step 1

Remove tape from backlight connection cable to expose the back of the display.

Peel off tape
Remember tape on the sides, too!

Step 2

Disconnect the backlight from the display by removing the two screws shown below using a #0 Philips head screwdriver.

Take out two screws where indicated
Lift the backlight up and out.
Separated backlight

Replacing the backlight

Step 1

Replace the backlight by attaching the new backlight to the display. Ensure the backlight connection cable is attached and lying flat along the display.

Gently put the new backlight in place
Reattach tape to the center of the backlight

Place the two screws back in
Reattach the tape on the small cables

Now you're all set to put the screen back in!

Replacing the screen

Step 1

Replace the screen by sliding the connection cables into place and clipping them back down (it is generally easier to clip the thinner one that has a longer tether first). Reseat the screen, making sure that it sits flat and that none of the spacers is gone.

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Clip little cable in
Clip big cable in

Gently slide screen back in
The screws with the large heads (4) go back in

Step 2

Slide the front panel back on, making sure that it sits flat. Note that there are hooks on the side of the panel (highlighted in blue) that need to slide into place; pushing the top of the screen flat and sliding it upwards works well.

Watch out for these hooks
The rest of the panel slides into place

Step 3

Slide the green side pieces back into place. Then, rotate the XO 90 degrees and put the remaining screws back. Don't forget that the screws go in on both sides (right/left).

Screen 7a.jpg
Side panels slide back in place
Almost there!

Put screws (4) back in.

And you're done! Yay! :D