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This page is to collect information about how you can build your own system that is similar to the 2B1. It is targetted at developers that want to work on longer-term projects that are not suited to the developer boards. Also to developers that want to own their test system, not just have a board on loan from OLPC.

Of course, there are some features that will be impossible or difficult to build yourself such as the special LCD and driver. But few development projects, especially educational applications, have a dependency on the esoteric features of the 2B1.

What you can do with the instructions below is to aquire a CPU board that runs the same or similar AMD Geode CPU at the same speed as the OLPC. This gives you the same computational power as a 2B1 and allows you to build a Linux system that gives a reasonably accurate indication of how well your application will run on a 2B1.

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Main Board Options

Storage Options

USB peripherals

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