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Quantity<ref>The minimum order quantity is 1000; laptops in quantities from 100 to 1000 are available upon special request.</ref>     Cost per XO<ref>

Prices are FOB China, for the default laptop configuration (currently International English keyboards and the latest software build.)
Prices exclude shipping, taxes, and local import duties; and may change without notice. For a precise quote, contact</ref>

100+ $205
1,000+ $195
10,000+ $185

The current model of the XO laptop is the ARM-based XO-1.75.

OLPC sells XOs to many kinds of organizations: governmental and NGO, educational, non-profit and for-profit organizations.
We welcome the opportunity to participate in competitive bids.

Price estimates are listed to the right. If you are working with an existing national deployment, other options may be available.

Please contact us by email at to purchase laptops or to invite us to participate in a bid.

You can also contact us for additional information including

  • Pricing for alternative laptop configurations, peripherals,<ref>

OLPC can advise on how to set up solar deployments and get solar panels designed to work with XOs.</ref> and spare parts

  • Questions about planning and supporting a large-scale deployment

Notes <references/>