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CBO is a village initiative program that was founded by Samuel Maritim, Josiah Tarus, Dr Peter Cheboss Jr and Symon Kibitok in 2007. It is concerned mainly with raising the living standards of the four villages of Kiptenden, Tulon, Kapchepsir and Kona in Kenya mainly through creating awareness about important social issues like education, HIV and Malaria prevention. The organization has been partnering with college students from Baraton University under the leadership of Josiah Tarus and Josiah Letting ([1]), and

Moi University under leadership of Peter Cheboss and Symon Kibitok.

The organization has also recently partnered with Kapsabet Christian Intermidiate Technology Center CITC to seek to provide cheap and safe sources of energy. CBO also hopes to tap into the ICT technology and human resource from CITC to train villagers and school Children on how to operate and use computers. [2]

The groups also has written to the Constituency Development Fund in Emgwen Constituency to request for funding to keep the project Running, but it is yet to receive the funds.


We have also requested a grant from Wesleyan University grant office to help in future sustenance of the program. [4].

Samuel Maritim is a Chemistry Major in Wesleyan University. He holds an Cerificate in Information Communication Technology, ICT, and worked at the Wesleyan Information Technology Services Department, ITS imaging and ghosting Wesleyan Computers, connecting and repairing the multi-media systems in the classrooms and computer labs, and asisting faculty and students with connectivity and other problems. Josiah Tarus is a business finance major and a senior at Baraton University. He holds a CPA in accounting, and diploma in Computer and software engineering, and has been working at the Baraton University (computer)Library. Peter Cheboss Jr is a Medical Intern at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret, the Medicine campus of Moi University . He holds a certificate in ICT from Eldore Polytechnic. Symon M Kibitok holds a diploma in Computer Science from Moi University. He Interned with the Safaricom company and is currently working at a Safaricom M-Pesa (mobile Banking) station. Josiah Letting holds a Business Management degree from Baraton University. Job Ogutu is a freshmam at Wesleyan University, and also holds and ICT certificate. He is also currently employed by the Wesleyan Information Technology service. William Ndugire is a chemistry major at Wesleyan University and also works with the Wesleyan Information Technology Service.