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This is the main project page for the XO deployment at Cambridge Friends School (CFS). Starting in March 2009, each 6th grader in the school received an XO laptop, and Boston pilot teams are working with students, teachers, and administrators to integrate Sugar and the XOs into their curriculum.


Overall deployment coordination, funding, marketing, and evaluation is being done by Katelyn Foley and MacKenzie Sigalos, a loop team from One For All.

Technical implementation and technical training is being done by the Olin chapter; see /Tech for more details.

Curriculum development is a collaboration between the CFS teachers and both university chapters; see /Curriculum


All-hands meeting minutes, upcoming meetings, and notes can be found at /Meetings - we try to check in for 30mins once a week, online, for all pilot-related things. Please join us if you're interested!

Get involved

Deployment-related conversations are held on the olpc-boston list - read the last month or so of archives to see what is happening, then join and introduce yourself and your interests and someone will get you started!