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This is the main project page for the XO deployment at Cambridge Friends School (CFS). Starting in March 2009, each 6th grader in the school received an XO laptop, and Boston pilot teams are working with students, teachers, and administrators to integrate Sugar and the XOs into their curriculum.


Overall deployment coordination, funding, marketing, and evaluation is being done by Katelyn Foley and MacKenzie Sigalos, a loop team from One For All.

Technical implementation and technical training is being done by the Olin chapter; see /Tech for more details.

Curriculum development is a collaboration between the CFS teachers and both university chapters; see /Curriculum


All-hands meeting minutes, upcoming meetings, and notes can be found at /Meetings - we try to check in for 30mins once a week, online, for all pilot-related things. Please join us if you're interested!

Get involved

Deployment-related conversations are held on the olpc-boston list - read the last month or so of archives to see what is happening, then join and introduce yourself and your interests and someone will get you started!

Volunteer Sign-Up Dates

April 1

Ah, the moment we've all been waiting for. Kids get their laptops on April 1st! And for this, we need volunteers. Specifically, volunteers are needed from 10:00-11:30AM on that day to introduce the project and the XO's to the students. We can only take a small number of volunteers, so here's what I'd like to do. Basically, a room filled with confused children, teachers, AND demonstrators would not be good. Previous XO demo experience is mandatory, and at least one of the members of the loop team and one member from the Olin tech team should be there. We can take 4-8 people. You'll be explaining the program and the laptops to the kids and have about an hour of free exploration time to get them used to software, activities, mesh networks, etc.

  • Mchua (contact info on userpage)
  • Katelyn Foley (
  • MacKenzie Sigalos (

April 6

In-class volunteers needed from 8:30-10:30 and 10:30 to noon. No prior experience needed, but you should be able to bring an XO. Borrowing one is fine. You would be acting as models of someone who uses the laptops to do cool extra explorations during/after class. You'd be acting as a visiting student in class, and would periodically share with the rest of the class how you are using the XO to get more out of the lesson. It's a fuzzy description, but we'll follow-up with the interested people to make sure they'll be all set before that Monday. Sign up by Tuesday March 31, 11:59PM.

  • Name, Contact info, Available time slot
  • Name, Contact info, Available time slot
  • Name, Contact info, Available time slot

April 8

From 8:30-10:15AM, we need people to do the same "visiting student" thing as will be done on Monday, April 6th. We also need people to work with the students during Independent Learning Block from 10:15-11:25, when they'll have free time to explore anything they want with the laptops or otherwise. Sign up by Friday April 3rd, 11:59PM.

  • Name, Contact info, Available time slot
  • Name, Contact info, Available time slot
  • Name, Contact info, Available time slot