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Welcome to XO Korea, a citizen group with various backgrounds, focusing on pouring some SUGAR on South Korea.

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As you may agree, Korea (South) is one of both developing nations and developed nations. Only 30~40 years ago, Korea was one of the poorest nations of the world, requested aids from many nations such as Philippines and Taiwan etc. However, maybe owing to our parents who bought books, rather than foods, for their children in their extreme poverty, Korea now has some features of developed nations from the aspects of GNP, GDP, technologies and social welfare systems etc. Because of the such peculiar status of Korea, we plan to test some possibilities derived from the OLPC project.

We think XO is a revolutionary idea in human history, a most brilliant idea of human being. As it is revolutionary, there needs some complementation. Some of them we think are;

  • Not only children, but youths and adults also need education
  • Not only school, but governments and corporations can also be educational facilities
  • For OLPC to be XO, not only children, but every citizen also need their own XOs.
  • For School Server to operate, not only schools, but governments and corporations also need their servers, Government Server and Business Server

So, we think, for XO to be perfect, not just schools but other social sections must also be XOed. It perfectly conforms with the long-term efforts of the Korean government, Vision2030 plan.

Now, we are doing some interesting trials via XO. We want to pour SUGARs on not only elementary schools but pre-primary, secondary, and even (under)graduate schools also. Our intentions are largely due to the IT environment and governmental plans of South Korea herself. Those of South Korea are a little bit different from those of nations which OLPC aims to be deployed first.

In summary, we (some Korean citizens) want to apply XO architecture (that is, children's machines, school servers, sugars and mesh networks) to;

  • from pre-primary to graduate schools
  • governmental organizations
  • business entities
  • houses

And again, we want to distribute NOT ONLY XOs, but its derivatives ALSO. That is;

School servers also need some derivatives, Government Server and Business Server

Once again, our decisions are NOT by our dreams, BUT by the current IT infra of South Korea and the long-term IT plans of its government, so called the Vision 2030 of the Korean Government.

Because of worldwide participation onto our projects and activities, this wiki is written mainly in English and Do Young-Min 도 영민 php5 23:45, 14 July 2007 (EDT) is in charge of writing English articles here. For information in Korean, please visit

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