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Welcome to the starting page on Chatbots or Virtual Assistants for the OLPC Educational Iniatiave and its XO-laptops.

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"A chatbot is an artificial person, animal or other creature which holds conversations with humans. This could be a text based (typed) conversation, a spoken conversation or even a non-verbal conversation. Chatbot can run on local computers and phones, though most of the time it is accessed through the internet. .. Chatbot is typically perceived as engaging software entity which humans can talk to. It can be interesting, inspiring and intriguing. .. Their language (Natural Language Processing, NLP) skills vary from extremely poor to very clever intelligent, helpful and funny. A well known example of a Chatbot is A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity), originally created by Richard Wallace in 1995 and extended since then. A.L.I.C.E. won many honors and awards in various NLP contests, such as Loebner prize, The Chatterbox challenge, and BCS Machine Intelligence Competition."

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  • 20120412: Creation of this page by Sven AERTS and [Erwin VAN LUN] following a publication of a 30.000€ tender by for something that looks like a demand for implementing a chatbot/Virtual Assistant for Warchild's implementation of XO's in [South Sudan].
  • 20120412: Creation of a Chatbot and Virtual Assistant Category. A "[Category]", or the word "Category", is a word that is actually a programming code/instruction that the software -that generates this wiki- understands. When you put the name of your category between double square brackets anywhere in your page in the following way, e.g. Category:Chatbot, it remains invisible in the "page view" but the software that generates this wiki, will then automatically take up a link to your page in a page, listing all the pages that hold that code. This way, authors working on this topic can easily find and link-up with each other. Go ahead and at the bottem of this page, just click any of these links in the blue which will take you to such an automatically generated page with a list of links to all pages where that code has been inserted. So if your OLPC project wants to get the attention of chatbot programmers, just add these codes on your page (preceeded by double square bracquets):

Category:Chatbot]] Category:Chatbots]] Category:Virtual Assistant]] Category:Virtual Assistants]]

To do list

  • 20120413: Check pages where the word "Chatbot" is mentioned, using the search fuction you find on the left of this wiki. There are 4 pages where this word is mentioned.
  • 20120413: Check pages where the word "Virtual Assistant" is mentioned, using the search fuction you find on the left of this wiki. There is just 1 page where this word is mentioned.