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The here and now

What is happening right now or very recently in room 1101, Sorensen Language & Communication Center, Gallaudet University. See

Teachers' Mini-Deployment Guide (Washington DC)
Green and white machine.jpg
Sept 6 Sunday: Whiteboard TOC; Dinner to meet fellow writers    
Sept 7 Monday: Labor Day (no holiday for us!)
Sept 11 Friday: National Day of Service (no holiday for us!)
Come and join our Community Book Sprint!

The OLPC/Sugar community will be creating a Mini-Deployment Guide for technically-strong teachers, with more vivid photographs and illustrations than anything our community has yet produced.This idea arose from our Support Gang volunteers wanting to pull together our community's greatest work over the last 2 years, to give classrooms and after-school programs _the_ very best creative tools out there.

The guide will be short and professional, possibly only 30 pages long -- drawing on innovations from successful rollouts around the world -- with separately downloadable chapters. It will enable entrepreneurial teachers in small schools to begin formulating real-world plans jumpstarting 21st century learning using XO Laptops. We'll be working extremely hard (business hours) for 5 days straight (Monday thru Friday) then socializing most every evening, exploring the Washington DC area with groups like:

For some sense of how a book sprint works, see the Book Sprints manual on the FLOSS Manuals web site, as well as Anne Gentle hot-off-the-press book Conversation and Community: The Social Web of Documentation, prominently featuring August 2008's pioneering OLPC/Sugar Austin book sprint.

Join a Historic Book Sprint

Evening events open to all, and they WILL be memorable, guaranteed. If you also want to dedicate yourself to our work sessions, please email holt @ or grassroots @ explaining your skills in shaping a Quality Product -- along with a bit about how and why you want to make a difference :)

Possible Book Titles

(Very Tentative)

20 Cool Class Acts With XO Laptops: Real Success Stories from Real Schools Using Real XO Computers

Written By: The Real People Who Are Using them
Compiled And Edited By: The OLPC Support Gang

alt Practical Classy Constructionism with OLPC XOs Across the World

alt++ Pragmatic Design and Implementation Patterns for Little XOs Hands Across The World



Think like a Librarian?! Please help sort/aggregate our growing archive of Fantastic Resources in preparation.

Table of Contents

Moved to this page.

Likely Attendees (identify topic you want to help with!)

  • Mel Chua - community-capacity-building and creating opportunities for legitimate peripheral participation, so that deployment folks go beyond being users and join the open source contributor community - for students, teachers, and both local and non-local supporters
  • Kevin Cole (how to bridge open-source culture for teachers; Gallaudet Univ facilities)
  • Paul Commons
  • Sarah Elkins, OLPC Learning Club DC, maybe Monday
  • Luke Faraone (labor day + setup; finding whiteboard or posterboard to facilitate Sunday Sept 6 freezing of TOC)
  • Jeff Elkner Sugar Labs DC hosting Sunday night's planning session at the Arlington Career Center.
  • David Farning (invited)
  • Cathy Ginther, AARP Managing Editor (Friday only. NOTE: Cathy's participation is made possible courtesy of AARP's Create the Good program and the 9/11 National Day of Service.)
  • Adam Holt (event logistics & community coordination, professional speakerphone w/ Kevin Cole?)
  • George Hunt, Tech Educator from NYC (repair & troubleshooting, explaining community repair center entrepreneur Ian Daniher's OLPCinci success story)
  • SJ Klein (evening event at w/ MLee; follow-on books?
  • Mike Lee (Attending Sunday, Monday, Tuesday night and Friday for sure; live blogging and photographing of events; large Poster. NOTE: My Friday is a paid day off to participate in the book sprint courtesy of AARP's Create the Good program and the 9/11 National Day of Service.)
  • Phoebe Bennett from OLPC Learning Club (can come by during the weekdays to help. martialing Arlington PTA families for future sales?)
  • Kim Toufectis from OLPC Learning Club (can come by Monday or Friday to help with writing)
  • Pat Paul of the OLPC Learning Club (can come by Monday and one other day to help with proofing, researching, focus on "grannie-friendly" content.)
  • Yamandu Ploskonka (involving NEW teachers in the developing world, with no prior computer experience; what would current deployers have liked to know IN ADVANCE)
  • Sameer Verma (pending flight)
  • Seth Woodworth (invited)
  • DancesWithCars (disability /accessibility/ readability testing, to learn & how to help, etc)
  • Bobby Powers (can come nights & sunday, has a 3x4 foot whiteboard, help where needed)
  • Hanalei & Wayan Mon & Tues for sure
  • Ian Daniher (invited, working with George Hunt)
  • Bernie Innocenti (accelerating culturally-sensitive deployments with Sicilian Love)

Totals: ~20 but not all at the same time. How to synch?

Remote Attendees (identify topic you want to help with!)


Sat Sept 5
10-8.30PM Unofficial plug for near BWI Airport between Baltimore and Washington, for those packed and revving to go early

/back to more official OLPC/ ClassActs business danceswithcars 12:49, 4 September 2009 (UTC)


Sun Sept 6 3PM - 6PM Table of Contents whiteboarding discussion at Arlington Career Center
816 South Walter Reed Dr (1+ mile West of Pentagon in Arlington VA)
6PM - 8PM Opening Night Dinner & Drinks Nearby at Bangkok 54
2919 Columbia Pike (1+ block south of Arlington Career Center)
Mon Sept 7
(Labor Day)
9AM - 7PM Work session at Gallaudet Univ
Tue Sept 8 9AM - 7PM Work session at Gallaudet Univ
7:30PM XO-1.5 Presentation Event at HacDC
(2+ miles directly north of the White House)
Wed Sept 9 9AM - 7PM Work session at Gallaudet Univ
1PM - 2PM Presentation on OLPC/Sugar and Accessibility at Gallaudet University
(likely location: Student Academic Center/Student Union Building (SAC/SUB)
Room 1011: Multimedia Theater)
Thu Sept 10 9AM - 7PM Work session at Gallaudet Univ
Fri Sept 11
(National Day of Service)
9AM - 7PM Work session at Gallaudet Univ


Sat 10A-1-2?PM Unofficial plug for [|] Reston Library on RedHat Enterprise /About enough out of me for now danceswithcars 12:49, 4 September 2009 (UTC)


Thinking of a more detailed 24x7 +timezone for remotes? grid with day, time, participants signup for how to pack the room(s)?, locations (onsite, offsite social, etc),

Daytime/Workroom Venue

Friendly venues for possible later activities:

Please Join Our Online Venues Today!

Join us on IRC live chat with a single click: (#olpc-help on
  (WARNING: Firefox works much better than Internet Explorer)

Help shape this deeply inspiring week on our free voice line should be open most of 3-6PM Sunday, and weekdays most of noon-to-2PM, Washington DC time (EDT). Write holt @ laptop . org and/or introduce yourself above on live chat if you don't yet have the number! (Completely free call from anywhere worldwide if you have a SkypeOut account, or toll-free access to Canada/US 800 numbers.)

Please join great mailing lists like:

Edit or create a short chapter directly here:

Video/screensharing (may) later be available at certain times. Some hypothetical ideas follow. WOuld be nice to have audio/video participation (using large meeting sharing tool such as Vyew) for remote attendees for:

  • Sun Sept 6 (3-6 p.m.) Whiteboarding of TOC
  • Tues Sept 8 (Evening) Presentaton and event
  • Wed Sept 9 (Noon) Presentation on OLPC/Sugar at Gallaudet Univ.

Small group (2 or more), collaboration remote to remote, onsite to remote using free sharing tool such as Vyew free sharing, Elluminate free vRoom, Google docs, or etherpad. Use throughout the conference as participants want to do it. Need to choose a common tool, sign-up and practice ahead of time.

Event Coverage: Photos, video, press, etc.

Mike Lee's phonecam pictures and uploaded photos from the book sprint on Flickr: OLPC Community Book Sprint Flickr Group

Blog entries:

  • OLPC Official Blog
  • OLPC News
  • HacDC
  • OLPC Learning Club

Local Transportation and Navigation Aids

Parks & Recreation, Evening Tête-a-Têtes

It Takes a Village...

Do suggest Great humble Restaurants & Evening Itineraries!


Transit /Tours

  • Bike the Sites - bike rentals and tours, DC & Old Town, Alexandria, VA.
  • DC Ducks- tours in original WW II DUKW amphibious vehicles



For the clubbers: DC



Until the White House accepts us, we instead recommend:

Food Stuff Stores

Have a particular diet, vegan, adventurist, etc?

DC Farmers Market outside Galluadet Eastern Market near Capital Hill

Online Delivery Services (check limited area?)


Meeting places, food, maybe wifi?

  • Teaism Tea shop several sites, Penn Qtr, Dupont, etc
  • Starbucks coffee chain, some wifi?


Some have cafes & internet

  • Politics And Prose NW DC cafe downstairs, book signings, press videos
  • Reiters High Tech professional & medical books, Downtown Farragut West MetroRail - GWU/ Georgetown

Computer Stores

Need parts/ supplies/ etc?

  • MicroCenter a superstore Vienna MetroRail, Pan Am Shopping Center, Nutley St, Vienna, VA & Rockville, MD

Local Rags & Media

Learning enters a new decade..

Other media for connections, samples, maybe someone does a story on sprint process?

  • homeless & poor community paper, office near MetroCenter & homeless vendors usually near Rail stations, poverty related...
  • Big Mega Media
  • The Washington City Paper - Find your own fun.
  • Public Access
  • DCTV (Brookland/Catholic University of America MetroRail, Red LineNE DC)
  • NPR (where? was Braddock Road Yellow & Blue Lines, 1 up from King St, Alexandria, VA)
  • Newseum $$$ tours, print media, etc new building in downtown Central Business District, Penn Ave NW, DC
  • etc

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”— Antoine de Saint Exupery