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(the page was not recently edited, and many events are described here that have long since past. --Quozl 06:41, 21 August 2013 (UTC))

The contents of this page are considered outdated and some of the information may be stale. Please use information here with caution, or update it.

Keeping it Real: Deployment Challenges and Outcomes

Glimpses of OLPC Deployments

Check more at OLPC Flickr and sorted by Country/Deployment

Check more at OLPCorps Flickr and sorted by Country/Deployment

Take a moment to think about Why you might want to help, and some of the Core Principles we favor in making things happen...

Plan for the Worst; Prepare for the Best

Preparation for Deployment (anecdoted by real-life experiences)

Sugar and XO: Technical Preparation

Cost estimation for deployments

Train the Trainer: How teachers/educators make change

Manuals, Handbooks and User Guides

Maps: Deployments & Community

XO concentration in 2010

Community News

OLPC Deployment Experiences

VERY ROUGH DRAFT, NEW: OLD: (HTML), (92 pages, 12.85MB). Formerly at: (~100 pages / 100+ MB)

BROADER COLLECTION OF: Diverse Public Presentations


Kenya Arid zone Primary School deployment mission starting early 2010:

OLPC Workshop for Education Officers in Tuvalu January 21-22, 2010 (87p, 1.21MB)

ClassActs story about Maroantsetra, Madagascar by Sameer Verma, prepared as part of an assignment by students at San Francisco State University

Columbus School for Girls Service Learning Project Blog Columbus School for Girls distribution to three schools in St. John, May 2010.


Cambridge_Friends_School 4 Summary Docs (at bottom of mailing list post, and here!)

"Proyecto Flor de Ceibo" (Uruguay's March 2009 report) (in Spanish)

Very up-to-date OLPC Nauru reportage and May 2009 29-page DRAFT REPORT File:Leeming-Nauru-OLPC-Apr-May-2009-Report (draft 1).pdf fostered by David Leeming. (video)

See also his (1) OLPC Solomon Islands work (2) Teacher tips/XS/Solar summary and (3) Community Radio idea!

DRAFT FLIER/CHAPTER File:XOsflyer3.pdf by Scott Carollo of Gallaudet Univ Art Dept, with help from Kevin Cole and Caryl Bigenho's original writeup on Pakistan.

DRAFT LAYOUT PROPOSAL #2 (using Scribus, SVerma): File:Story-layout-test-sverma.pdf with his graphics materials

DRAFT LAYOUT PROPOSAL #3 (JGay): File:Book-draft-layout-by-jgay.pdf

DRAFT LAYOUT PROPOSAL #4: 1000-XO Deployment Story in File:Dujiangyan-Sichuan-China.pdf by OLPC Asia / Hong Kong (18-page PDF, June 2009)

XOs in El Salvador: A community deployment in Chalatenango (Presentation to DC by Jeff Elkner, Sept 19th 2009). Also available in PDF: File:XOs in El Salvador.pdf

Uruguay's Plan Ceibal: The world's most ambitious roll-out of educational technologies? Includes video. Summary by Michael Trucano, World Bank's Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist. Discussing Miguel Brechner's 19-page slide presentation "One Laptop per Child and per Teacher" here: File:2162969-uruguay-plan-ceibal.pdf

Beth Santos' impressive Sao Tome deployment presentation from Dec 30, 2009: File:Olpc-in-sao-joao--sao-tome.pdf (1.26MB) and blog summary

December 2009's Babson College project report on Strategies for Sugar deployments in US schools: report (66 pages, 412KB), presentation (35 pages, 655KB)

Heroic Waveplace/OLPC deployment stories in Nicaragua: Excellent summary of their approach, whose structure is likely evolving for their post-earthquake work in Haiti.

Translation Success Story! (english auto-translation) in French

30 small African deployments(map) by OLPCorps: a new student-based, grassroots OLPC initiative with 100 XOs, Hardware, $10K stipend, 10-day training in Kigali, Rwanda, and an entire summer in an African country of your choice.


Final Report Evaluation of OLPC in Solomon Islands (PDF)


"Got Implementation?" Nepal article from Jan 2007 incl fun logo!

Please add other resources, with links if possible, to the above list. Please feel free to add comments about any of these resources if you wish. Additionally, if you feel the resource has potential material to include in a future instructional DVD for new XO users, please mark the resource "+DVD."