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There are a number of OLPC community communication channels. These are primarily mailing lists (listed fully at, IRC channels (#olpc is a good starting points for open discussion; almost everyone hangs out there as well as omre specific channels), and discussion forums.

Mailing lists

The full list is at . See mailing lists (which should be merged or transcluded here).


IRC channels

general discussion about the project

  • #olpc, for discussion of anything related to OLPC, including local events and news
  • #olpc-help, for newbies and those getting started with their own XOs
  • #olpc-es, for spanish-language discussion, including discussion of OLPC Peru, Uruguay, and Mexico
  • #olpc-de, for german-language discussion

development and participation

  • #sugar
  • #olpc-content
  • #olpc-devel, on
  • #schoolserver, which should perhaps be renamed to #olpc-schoolserver...


  • separate small channels appear from time to time for meetings, pootle and localization, and more.


There are a number of active OLPC forums, including