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El OLPC principal canales de comunicación son listas y correos, canales IRC, y foros de discusión.

Chat en vivo

Most OLPC live chat takes place on IRC (that's Internet Relay Chat). You can either use a computer-based client to log in to IRC (like XOirc on the XO) or a web interface, like the one at our forum.


IRC para el usuario principiante

Just click and chat away on the #olpc-help channel!

facil IRC

Navigate to Fill in the screen with the information shown below. (Put your own nickname instead of your-name-here; and if you have a different channel to go to, like #olpc-meeting for example, type that name instead of #olpc-help.) Click the 'Connect' button.

(Note: The form below is just an image.)


You will be logged into chat. You can see the list of other people in the channel on the right side of your screen, and the conversation in the main window. To talk, type your message into the textbox at the bottom, and hit Enter to send.


IRC is mainly designed for group communication in discussion 'channels', but allows for personal chat and data transfer as well.

The OLPC Community uses a series of channels in the and networks. If you have a user page on this wiki, use {{User irc}} to indicate your participation in IRC channels, and to find the category where users are registered.

Sugar-related channels are detailed at


#olpc-help or irc:// Community help. If you need help using your XO, and you haven't asked anywhere else: try here first. You can access it from a web page right now.
#olpc-ayuda or irc:// The Spanish language (Español) version of #olpc-help.
#olpc or irc:// Contact point for all things olpc, and the core hardware development team's own channel. Picture a room where the knowledgeable core people are hard at work. It is a good place for authoritative answers, but people may be out, or too busy to respond, or don't want interruptions at the moment. Consider going to #olpc-help first.
#fedora-olpc or irc:// The home of the Fedora interest group for OLPC


#olpc-devel or irc:// Primary home of Developers conversation in IRC
#schoolserver or irc:// Development of the XS School server
#olpc-admin or irc:// Home of the Volunteer sys-admin squad: Infrastructure gang

More channels are listed here.

Como usar canales irc

  1. For the #olpc-family of channels, you can visit the Live Web Chat. It defaults to #olpc-help, but you can join another channel by entering
    /join #olpc-<channel> (#olpc-meeting, for example) on the message-entry line.
  2. Another web-based chat for channels is qwebirc, with nickname: (whatever you like), and channel: #sugar (or whatever other channel you're trying to get into).
  3. Another web-based chat for channels other than is mibbit, with nickname: (whatever you like), server:, and channel: #schoolserver (or whatever other channel you're trying to get into). It also includes an inline translation service that is helpful when other languages are used.
  4. Some helpful resources are here, and this tutorial, which also includes basic commands.
  5. Learn about IRC etiquette. Try here, here, or here, or this link specifically about asking questions on channels like #olpc-help.
    • For IRC on your XO, install the latest XoIRC activity.
  6. Connect to one of the above channels, and say hello. (To do this, choose as your server, and then /join a channel... if you're new to IRC, the #olpc-help channel is probably the place you want to go first).
  7. Instruction for using the meeting log robot: User:Dogi/meeting
  8. Note OLPC growing pains.


There are a number of active OLPC forums, including

Total posts 10,542 • Total topics 2,259 • Total members 5,450 • 25 September 2010
Total posts: 31,225 • Total topics: 3,766 • Total members: 4,579 • 25 September 2010

listas de correo

See: Mailing lists


There are many OLPC Blogs in different languages. Some are aggregated into the OLPC Planet, which includes posts from dozens of OLPC supporters and contributors; and there is an official OLPC blog written mainly in English.

Sugar Blogs

News and overview blogs

OLPC has a number of blogs by project contributors. See the OLPC planet for an aggregation of popular blogs. To suggest a blog to be added to the planet, leave its name and a way to reach you below. There are also other interactive communication channels.

OLPC blog

What would you like to hear written about? Please list them below:

Community blogs

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You have a blog about the OLPC? Add it below. Please note whether you would like it to be added to the OLPC planet aggregator.

Blog name Region or topic Languages Comments
OLPC Ceibal Uruguay Spanish & English With updates from children Perú Spanish
Cambridge musings Cambridge, USA English summer internship blog (completed)
OLPC Canada: From the Field Canada English Field reports and program updates
OLPC Russia Russia Russian
OLPC Germany Germany German
Olpcaustria blog Austria English latest post: 01 January 2008
olpcaustria blog @ Austria English
OLPC Nepal Nepal Nepali
OLPC Asia Asia English/Chinese
OLPC Afghanistan Afghanistan English, Dari, Pashto
OLPC Afghanistan Dari Blog Afghanistan Dari
Khaled Hosny's Arabic Arabic & English I'd like to add it to the aggregator
OLPC Malaysia Malaysia Bahasa Melayu
XOs in Fiji South Pacific English School-based XOs
OLPC Morocco Morocco French & English you can add it to the aggregator
OLPC volunteers in New Zealand New Zealand English volunteers
West Papua Pilot Project West Papua English & Indonesian Please add to aggregator