Connecting, Kindness, and the OLPC

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Connecting, Kindness, and the OLPC

Michael de la Maza 19:32, 31 August 2006 (EDT)

Before one human being can be kind to another, the two must connect. By enabling connections – hundreds of millions of connections – among human beings the OLPC enables human kindness to spread throughout the globe.

Want to find a human being who needs a $50 micro-loan? Use the OLPC. Want to teach a human being something that you know? Use the OLPC. Want to learn what is happening from someone who has just experienced it? Use the OLPC. Today, all of these actions require extraordinary effort. With the OLPC they become simple.

The OLPC eliminates intermediaries – charities, religious organizations, governments – and allows human beings to connect directly to each other. Unlike the communication that is possible today, these connections are persistent, long-lasting, and high bandwidth.

By reducing the cost of connecting, the OLPC enables extraordinary, unfathomable, and unimaginable kindness.

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