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Coins are good for counting and arithmetic activities. Kids may have seen them, and think them important; they are stackable; etc.

This page is intended to support the creation of a collection of coin and bill images, as a resource for Activity creators. Green countries in particular.


Some of the coin images need work - they need to be cropped, and the background made transparent. Bills, being rectangular, should be usable as-is.

  • ar coins. Coin images need processing. Sigh: notes (right column), link to pages with bill-shaped flash, which I can't currently see. Assuming it's an image of the bill (both sides?), it would need to be captured. The use of flash seems an artifact of an unfortunately flash-y website, rather than a disinclination to provide an image(?). Is there an alternate source for the images (with ok copyright)?
Done. --Nikki
  • br coins, notes
  • uy coins, notes. Coin images need processing.
  • ethiopia notes - national bank site images are watermarked; alternatives (and coins) needed.


The MegaPenny Project uses piles of coins to give a feel for large numbers. It would be neat to have a python module which, given a coin image, creates images of stacks of coins.

Especially when coins different colors, it's fun just to move them around on a table top, making patterns. By self; with others; to match something else. Perhaps they move themselves a bit.