DC Lending Library Setup

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Spent about a week on the DC Lending Library machines, doing setup, starting from http://proyectojuanchacon.blogspot.com/2009/04/stuck-in-customs.html instructions, which I hadn't found nor read ahead of time...

  • Unpacking with Arlington Career Center students...
  • Get developer keys (not sure why would want to disable some of this stuff,

as could control return time by bricking it/ lease use, but others want to run non standard stuff...)

  • Collecting information with supplied USB Key LAPTOP.DAT
  • Give to Jelkner to send for Activation / Developer Keys
  • Wait couple of days for developer keys...
  • Escape out of a boot, in Open Firmware Console
cp -vb /media/3TABWHATEVERUSBDEVICENUMBER/OLPCLearningClub/develop.sig /security/

# Escape out of boot, in Open Firmware Console 
  # reboots itself, but don't forget to escape next boot

  • To Upgrade firmware and activities
  • As root in Terminal
su root
#found /usr/sbin/olpc-update was required on older shipped machines build 656
 /usr/sbin/olpc-update -frvv 802
  (student discovered the 767 build was not the latest)
  -f full update, as incremental was restarting on file conflicts
  -vv verbose x2 gives file names directories and bytes/ speedups
   and much easier to tell what it's doing
  -r reboot after completes

# Wait for maybe 30 minutes? depending on how many at once, server speed, etc...
  • Enter information into docs.google.com spreadsheet Jeff is developing.

Suggest some changes to the spreadsheet, freeze titles as gets longer, notes on where to get color descriptions, suggest email form interface but...

  • Troubleshoot
  • Delivered to storage area.