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see also: xoxo, wikizine.org

Dec 15 : daily mail -2

Donation of the day : $200 to Wikimedia for playing nicely with OLPC

W Nov 26 : daily mail -3

negative three

Site of the day : The OLPC planet!  Don't forget to add it to your personal blogroll.

Page of the day : Etsy's Techy XO-bear (with glow in the dark screen)

Article of the day : Spanish-language installing Videochat; needs translation into English.

G1G1: Todd Kelsey describes how to Tell a Friend about the program, through gmail/facebook status, badges and banners, and more.

T Nov 25 : daily mail -4

negative four

Site of the day : Mochila Digital wiki (OLPC Mexico) 

Article of the day : Yay-bee-see (try it and see)

Amazon :  Our conversion rate for amazon clickthroughs is at 3.6% today, quite a bump.

Blog : the OLPC blog is picking up subscribers from different countries.  In Shanghai, Isaac Mao reports it is blocked in China.   
No word yet on whether that is content related or a blanket block on that subnet of Dreamhost's (presumably the latter).

Thanksgiving :  four people are planning show-and-tell sessions when they go home over the break.  
More are staying in cambridge... where Sharon is leading the Black Friday XO mall mob.

Library:   Zdenek Broz, our most prolific bundle-maker to date, is working on language games for a visual dictionary.  
He is also working on flash cards, which he has never seen in real life.

Media: Dailymotion gave us access to their in-development video-player API in case we want to specially 
customize how an embedded player works.  Not sure we have the bandwidth to play around there, but it's 
nice to be offered input into how they design their next iteration of the interface.

Contests : suggested and seconded -- an office contest for the most successful g1g1 campaign.  the winner 
gets a weekend at chuck's vineyard palais.  of course this requires a way to track individual campaigns...  
Seth A knows a guy.
* Idea - a contest for the largest activity collaboration.  Joe has gotten 70+ XOs chatting at once -- looks neat in the network view!  
* On the message calendar : a push for the DM video-spot contest

Schools : Miles Grimshaw, who interned @ OLPC last summer and reflashed thousands of laptops, is helping create materials for a high school campaign this season. He raised funds last year @ his private highschool for 100 laptops to go to Cambodia.