Dating and the OLPC

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Dating and the OLPC

People will meet via OLPC and marry

Michael de la Maza 21:18, 7 September 2006 (EDT)

How long will it take two people who have never met to get married because of a relationship enabled by the OLPC? The first time a couple gets married clutching their OLPCs (or their children’s), the OLPC’s success in forging relationships will be joyfully explicit.

I expect that an OLPC-enabled dating service that meshes with bricks & mortar social institutions will be available within a few months of the first large deployment of OLPCs. The OLPC has many hardware and software features, such as instant messaging and telephony, that make it a wonderful partner in starting and nurturing romantic relationships.

Indeed, the entire infatuation-disillusionment-contentment relationship cycle could be supported by the OLPC. The first software developers to embrace this idea will be congratulated for their extraordinary kindness.