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542-stopicon.png This page has a more up-to-date location: see: Manuals

These notes from 2007 are generally applicable to all builds between 608 and 623. (Please also refer to OLPC Ship.1 Software Release Notes and Demo notes/542.)

A brief tour of the laptop

three friends (A, B, and C) using the laptop

A chooses an orange color scheme.
B chooses a blue color scheme.
C chooses a yellow and purple color scheme.
A adds friend C from the mesh view
B adds friend C from the mesh view
C's friends view (after having added friends A and B)

friend C starts a chat

C starts a chat from the task bar
C invites A to chat from the friends view
A receives an invitation to chat on the task bar
C invites B to chat from the friends view
B receives an invitation to chat on the task bar
Everyone is here

friend A starts a record session

A launches the camera activity
After it starts, invitations are sent to B and C
B's invitation
C's invitation
Sharing photos

friend B starts a write session

B in the write activity
A is invited to edit
A chimes in
C chimes in too

friend B starts a shared browse session

B launches the browse activity and shares it on the mesh
A joins the browsing session from the mesh view
C also joins the browsing session from the mesh view
sharing bookmarks

friend A downloads a book

A downloads a PDF from the web
the PDF appears on the clipboard
launching from the clipboard
the read activity starting up
landscape mode
portrait mode
page tab
zoom tab
sharing a book on the mesh

doing some arithmetic

everyone defines variables

playing music


the Journal

the Journal logs all of the action

downloading a new activity

browse the web for .xo files
selecting implode
download implode by clicking on the .xo file
the downloaded activity appears in the Journal
"resuming" launches the activity
after downloading, it appears on the task bar
playing implode
there are lots of activities to try, for example, these ones from GCompris
sudoku.activity.xo downloaded from the GCompris page

writing software

graphics written in Turtle Art
ASCII animation written in Pippy the Python editor
Geometry written in the Dr. Geo modulo within Etoys