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Technical Issues facing Deployments

As countries and grassroots organizations deploy laptops there are many issues that should be examined to get the best results. This page is meant to be a place to capture configurations and work-arounds that have been successful.

Please add your thoughts and questions through the Discussion page.

Also, please see the Deployment Guide as a reference for a more complete list of considerations.


OLPC is a small organization that does not have expertise in local legal system, language, power constraints, or politics. OLPC has built some tools and process to try to help with the specific needs of a country, but the onus is on the country to provide technical resources to work OLPC to resolve issues that come up in all of these areas. Please read the section from the Deployment Guide on Localization.

Specifically there are three areas that need to be considered when a new country or location is interested in XOs:

  1. Power adapter - what are the local plug considerations; what is the local power availability?
  2. Keyboard - do we have a keyboard that will work for this country or do we need to create one?
  3. Language - sugar user interface, activities, manuals, content are all things that need translation to the local language.


There are many issues to consider with regards to RF or Wifi connectivity. First, it is important to separate the Uplink which connects a school or group to the Internet; and secondly is the ability of the laptops to connect to each other and to a school server.

Uplink Connectivity

(Satelite, Cellular, Fiber, Cable, Copper)

Simple Mesh

XOs connecting to AP

XOs connecting to XS through APs

XOs connecting to XS through Active Antenna

XOs as Internet Access Points (MPP)

Power Issues