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This page contains a short list of mailing lists at OLPC which are more important for prospective developers. See community mailing lists and communication channels for more comprehensive information.

The most important mailing list at OLPC is the devel list; it is the canonical list for all development work. If you're uncertain where your question or patches should go, devel is not a bad choice. The devel list is pretty high volume, though, so not everyone reads every post, which sometimes means that your question or patch might get lost in the noise. There are a number of more focused lists where you might be able to get more attention and/or avoid drowning in the flood of posts:

  • devel-announce is a low-volume list for announcement of interest to developers: typically new code releases and testing instructions. Not for general discussion!
  • sugar is the primary list for high-level user interface development.
  • server-devel is for school server development
  • support-gang is where all the helpful people hang out
  • security is for discussion of linux and bitfrost security, activity isolation, 'rainbow' (our security subsystem), and theft-deterrence measures.
  • And see for even more!

Click on any of the links above to subscribe to the list or view archives. In most cases you must be subscribed to a list in order to post to it. Please do take a moment to review the archives of a list before posting, to verify that your question or patch is on topic.