Disassembly B4 wireless antenna

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This is a description of how to finish disassembling the top section (first part) of an B4 preproduction XO laptop to replace the wireless antenna (rabbit ears). This is part of the Disassembly section of the Troubleshooting Guide and Repair Manual.

This is not needed to replace the wireless antennas on production machines.

Removing the wireless antenna

Step 1

Keep the screen out of the way until the replacement is complete.

Take out 4 screws
Turn over. Pull up and remove the back plate

Take out two screws holding the top bar in place
Watch out for this tab! Pop it out on both sides
Pull the top bar off.

Step 2

Unclip the cable as shown
Peel up the tape.
Remove the two screws.

Watch out for this tab!
Carefully pull out the antenna.
A removed antenna.

Replacing the wireless antenna

Step 1

Carefully put in the new wireless antenna
Pick the right screw!
Screw in the antenna

Step 2

Clip the antenna cable back in.
Replace the top bar. Do not forget the tabs on the sides! Replace the screws to secure the bar.

Turn over. Replace the back plate.
Pick the right screw!
Turn over. Secure the back plate by putting in the four screws where indicated.