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dracut-modules-olpc is a collection of dracut modules that implement parts of Bitfrost and the support for olpc-update's versioned filesystem layout. It is to be installed on Kernel build hosts, and creates the initramfs of OLPC OS. It is not usually installed as a package on an XO laptop.

Current maintainer: James Cameron <quozl@laptop.org>


Questions and contributions should be sent to the devel mailing list.

Rebuilding OLPC initramfs

This procedure can be followed either on your regular Fedora x86 system, or on the XO itself.

Install the package

sudo yum install dracut-modules-olpc

Now, you can regenerate the initramfs as follows:

sudo dracut --force --conf /etc/dracut-olpc-runrd.conf output.img

Or for the activation initramfs:

sudo dracut --force --conf /etc/dracut-olpc-actrd.conf output.img

The output will be saved as output.img.

Special considerations for Fedora 20

The Fedora 20 version of dracut does not work with dracut-modules-olpc. When deploying Fedora 20, use a Fedora 18 system to build the initramfs.

Special considerations for Fedora 14 and older

If working on your main system, configure dracut so that it does not include OLPC's modules in your "normal" initramfs next time you update your kernel. Modify /etc/dracut.conf and add:

omit_dracutmodules="olpc-boot olpc-common olpc-customization olpc-python olpc-activation olpc-busybox"

If you do not do this, your system may fail to boot next time you install or upgrade your kernel.