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This is a software release.


8.1.2 OS plus updated firmware for C3 hardware
The OS upgrade is to include the 'Failsafe' fix for NAND-full bug trac 7591, and the SD card corruption trac 6532. The Firmware upgrade is to support new motherboard hardware which is proposed and tested by quanta. The G1G1 activities are to include the Help activity.
Date proposed
Target date
Richard Smith/Kim Quirk
triage team
Testing: 1 hour smoke
Special testing required
NAND-full test, ensure Help activity shows up on G1G1 image, SD card test
8.1.2 (b709) available to download. Not rolled out to Peru or G1G1 as Peru was not willing to take the new build so late (due to duplicate access point problem in network neighborhood). per709-1 (8.1.2 with Peru activities) was created; OFW can be released to mfg
  • Manufacturing: As soon as released
  • Field: Communicate to the field that this build is available. Work with Uruguay for custom fixes (as they desire)
ECO 6 checklist

Issues (Open, Fixed, Partially Fixed, Mysterious, and Not Fixed)

EC changes
#7463 board ID was updated to work with the soon to be relased C3 revision of the PCB.
OFW now has the ability to disable the ec battery subsystem if security is off.
OFW changes
Incorporate OFW2 modifications
#7607 - (Q2E12) fixed boot hang in the face of correctable JFFS2 corruption.
#7399 - fixed "test /nandflash::fixbbt" command.
#7180 - new boot animation frames (background is white not gray) to match the new UI design.
#7141 - improved error messages for secure FS update.
SD driver - Increased data timeout to the max value, since some cards timeout with lesser values.
camera selftest - display the camera image expanded to fill the screen. In the movie mode, mirror image the display and automatically adjust the brighness according to the ambient conditions.
#7141 - added link to wiki page describing solution to "Bad hash" problem.
OS changes
#7591 - failsafe fix to delete large activity or user data file to ensure at least 50M of Nand is available. Without this fix, if the NAND fills up, the laptop will not boot.
#6532 - SD card corruption.
Peru activities need to include latest content and books
G1G1 activities need to include Help activity

Testing Results

DO NOT USE ON B2 versions (BTest-2)! it will brick the firmware.

Final test