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This is a software release.


8.1.3 OS
The OS upgrade is to include support for the Amharic keyboard.
Date proposed
High. The Ethiopian deployment starts on the first week of September
Sayamindu Dasgupta
Root Cause
This was caused due to wrongly formatted and incomplete Compose data in libX11. This was undetected since prior to build 705 the Amharic keyboard got no testing at all, due to the issue described at
Effect from the user perspective
Currently with build 711, no user is able to write characters such as ሁ ,ሂ,ሃ, ሄ, ህ. This affects all users using the Amharic keyboard.
Proposed Fix
This issue was fixed in the 8.2 build. I have backported all the changes required to the OLPC-2 branches in Koji, and created new packages. The packages needed to solve the issue are
  • libX11-1.1.3-4.git20071123
  • olpc-utils-0.74-3
  • xkeyboard-config-1.1-21.20071130cvs

We are also going to update to

  • bootfw-q2e17-1.olpc2.unsigned

since the C3 fix attempted in OLPC SW-ECO 6/8.1.2/711 (with firmware q2e12) was botched (<trac>7964</trac>), and firmware q2e15 doesn't pretty boot correctly on secured machines (<trac>8379</trac>).

triage team
Testing: 1 hour smoke of 711 performed by DanielDrake, test passed
Special testing required
Testing of the Amharic keyboard layout required. This includes testing of compose characters, eg: characters ሁሂሃሄህ whose "base" is ሀ
ECO 7 checklist

Relevant Trac items

<trac>6945</trac> Ethiopian keyboards don't provide English characters. 
This was fixed in 708, but it fixes only half of the problem.
<trac>7474</trac> Compose keys not working for Amharic. 
This was fixed in Joyride 2330. I have backported the relevant patches.
<trac>7964</trac> C3 laptops sometimes identified as pre-B3.
<trac>8379</trac> Pretty boot broken in q2e15

Description of the patches applied to the new RPMs in this build

Firmware Changes


  • Geode VGA support - fixed chopped-up text in graphics-mode12.
  • OLPC trac 7880 - fixed glitches in NAND partition support.
  • OLPC trac 7867 - fix
  • OLPC - extended the high-address v=p page directory area to include the frame buffer and other devices.
  • svn 888 / trac #8089 - turn on AES unit when starting the OS
  • svn 887 / trac #1339 - enable SD card insert/remove interrupts
  • svn 886 / trac #8052 - enable AC97 audio unit when starting the OS
  • svn 838,872,883,884 - fixed a configuration variable problem
  • svn 876 - fixed a "zero-page" problem that caused problems with Linux 2.6.26
  • svn 873,874 / trac #7880 - fixed partition numbering glitches in NAND partioning
  • svn 867 - Include the frame buffer in the high-address map area to make "sysrq to OFW" work
  • svn 865 / trac #7774 - support some USB mass storage devices that used to fail
  • svn 864 / trac #7725 - fixed SD command/data timeouts
  • svn 861 / trac #7702 - fixed random hang with SD cards > 4 GB
  • svn 854,855,856,857 - Added ls-r and to-file commands for recursive directory listing - useful for NAND-full analysis
  • svn 853 / trac #7572 - security files can be in a separate partition
  • svn 852 / trac #6967 - don't fail to boot if external device contains developer key for a different machine
  • svn 875 - fixed chopped-up text in graphics mode 12 for Windows
  • svn 862,863 - ACPI fixes for Windows
  • svn 851 - Windows XP suspend/resume support
  • trac 8216 - Override persistent devkey when game-button-X is pressed, so you can run customization keys on a system with the dk tag.
  • New 15x30 font created by Albert Cahalan
  • Fix ext3 write support
  • Add 2 column formatted display for .mfg-data
  • Trac #8379 - fixed pretty boot (broken in q2e15 and q2e16)


  • Speed up the EC command processing code.
  • Fix the watchdog timeouts that happen when dumping a large amount of data via ec commands
  • Update the battery abnormal error codes and disambiguate code 0x06
  • Reduce battery full taper current from 200mA to 100mA per BYD
  • Clean up the SCI delivery states so we don't issue them spuriously
  • Added 0xE? NiMH battery debugging codes back in so OFW can watch them
  • Fix the AUTOWAK command to correctly set that it takes a single data value
  • Fix a race that made the Auto Power up on reset quick working when some debug code was removed.
  • Fix trac #7964. Typo in the board ID routine that screwed up the C3 id.
  • Make the existing zero state IBF from an ill placed port 0x68 write not only print every 240 loops rather than constantly. This should help fix the slowness when the infinite IBF happens on LPC bus float.
  • More (the Real) spedup command processing and PS/2 data propagation
  • Fix touch pad regressions from q2e13 with older 7xx builds
  • Fix trac 8143 where suspend detection was broken after an auto power up reboot (ie a firmware reflash)
  • Fix typo in reading MAIN_ON pin.