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This page lists the sign-offs required to advance through the software release process. Consult that page for additional details on each step and sign-off.


This section should be completed by the Triage team.

ECO Name: ECO/8.2.0
ECO Target date: September, 2008 (slipped from August)
ECO Champion: Michael Stone
Proposal approved: (date and Triage team signature)
  March, 2008 --Michael Stone 22:16, 10 September 2008 (UTC)

Candidate build

This section should be completed by the build master.

Build number: 8.2-767
Firmware number: q2e18


This section should be completed by the QA lead.

Build tested: 8.2-767
 Specific issue testing:         Test_cases_8.2.0, TestResults_8.2.0
 1 hour smoke test:                __x__
 Clean install:                    __x_  
 Upgrade testing:                   __x__  List builds tested from: 656, 703, 708
 Downgrade testing:                 _n/a*__  List builds tested to:
 Tested on C2 and C3:               _x___
 Tested on NiMH batteries:          _n/a__
 Tested on en_US                    _**__    the degree of l10n/i18n for *'d keyboards and locales 
           es_*                     ___    will be considered by the release team in their judgements.
           mn_MN                    ___    
           ht_HT                    ___    
           fr_RW                    ___    note: while there are many Spanish and Arabic locales, 
           rw_RW                    ___    we don't yet distinguish between them.
           am_ET                    ___  
           ar_*                     ___
           kh_CA                    ___
           fa_AF                    ___
           hi_HI                    ___
           pt_BR                    ___
           ???                      ___
 Open, WEP, and WPA APs tested:     __x_  List brands, if appropriate: in house APs
 Field testing, if possible:        ___
Release to signature/final test: (date and QA lead signature)
Joe 21:02, 3 October 2008 (UTC)
Additional comments, if any:
* there is no downgrade; you must cleaninstall to an older version; and you 
must flash an older version of OFW.
** See TestResults_8.2.0 for information on what keyboards were tested, and 
the test that was done. We didn't test languages or locales, just keyboards so 
I think this section should be changed to list the keyboards tested and the tests.  
The only tests for keyboard is to ensure that both latin and language specific keys 
are possible: 
 US/Intnl   __x__
 Spanish    __x__
 Arabic     __x__
 Kreyol     __x__
 Mongolian  __x__
 Portuguese __x__
 Thai       __x__
 Amharic    __x__
 Dari       __x__


This section should be completed by the security team.

Build to be signed:
Keys to be used:
Security-critical components
  olpcrd version (rpm -q olpcrd): olpcrd-0.47-0.i386
    Signed off by/date: ________________________________________

  Firmware/OFW version (/ofw/openprom/model; check against rpm -q bootfw): CL1 Q2E18 Q2E
    Signed off by/date: ____Mitch Bradley, 2008-09-26_______

  Firmware/EC version: (/ofw/ec-name): PQ2E15
    Signed off by/date: _Rsmith 22:53, 17 September 2008 (UTC)

  Kernel version: (uname -r): 2.6.25-20080925.1.olpc.f10b654367d7065
    Signed off by/date: _____Deepak Saxena, 2009-09-26______

Signatures above certify that, to the best of your knowledge, the above components are at least as secure as other components signed with these keys.

This section should be completed by the build engineer.

 Appropriate sign-offs present above:          ___
 Versions in build match those approved above: ___
 QA lead sign-off under 'Test' above:          ___
 Packages in build match those expected:       ___

Checklist sign-off: (date and build master signature)

Other signoffs

Upon or after announcement of the Signed Candidate:

 Documentation signoff:                _x_     support lead Kimquirk
 Activities signoff:                   ___     build engineer
 Licensing signoff:                    _x_     compliance consultant John Gilmore

The licensing signoff signifies that, to the best of the signatory's knowledge, "OLPC's compliance with its obligations under free software licenses is better in this release than in its previous most-compliant release."

One week after announcement of the Signed Candidate:

 One week of testing has elapsed:      _x_     release team
 No untriaged bugs:                    ___     triage team
 No blocks:8.2.0 bugs:                 ___     triage team
 Release notes are approved:           ___     product management lead

Final test

This section should be completed by the QA lead.

Build tested:
 1 hour smoke test:                    _x_ (catch signature process regressions)
 USB stick fresh install on wp laptop: _x_
 USB stick upgrade on wp laptop:       _x_
 Network upgrade on wp:                ___
 Other testing (describe):
Sign-off for release: (date and QA lead signature)
Joe 21:09, 3 October 2008 (UTC)

This section should be completed by the release team.

Approved build number: 767
OS version: os767, gg-767-4
Firmware/OFW version: q2e18
Firmware/EC version: 
Wireless firmware version: 5.110.22.p18

Champion sign off: (date and champion signature)
___Michael Stone 18:49, 13 October 2008 (UTC)___
Release team final sign off on ECO: (date and release team signature)
___Kimquirk 20:55, 3 October 2008 (UTC)___

Given three signatures above, the candidate build can be published as official.