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This is a software release.


8.2.1 OS, Release_notes/8.2.1
The OS upgrade is to address critical bug fixes from release 8.2.0, mostly found in Uruguay. We also need to include fedora icon in all our releases going forward. We should consider including OFW with touchpad support in the final OS image (if it is ready).
Date proposed
High. Uruguay wants to deploy in the beginning of January.
Root Cause
A regression occurred that broke wireless activation. This feature doesn't have a test case and since we waited so long before we had a signed build to test, we did not find this regression. Other bug fixes in this release are to help Uruguay with their roll-out including their ability to manage their own final build (try to keep OLPC out of the sign-off).
Effect from the user perspective
Uruguay had a process that allowed all the laptops to get their activation keys wirelessly from the local school server on a regular basis. Release 8.2.0 broke that process.
Proposed Fix
Address bugs and small features listed below
triage team
Testing: 1 hour smoke
Special testing required
specific test cases for each bug fix; create a wireless activation test case
ECO 8.2.1 checklist
Uruguay, others

Relevant Trac items

Canonical source: Trac report #38

  • <trac>8976</trac>: Wireless activation
  • <trac>8745</trac>: Translation - software update control panel
  • <trac>9044</trac>: Translation - Journal full message
  • <trac>9045</trac>: Uruguay key generation
  • <trac>8982</trac>: Etoys mp3 player
  • <trac>8155</trac>: related to Journal copy patch (from Sayamindu)
  • <trac>8767</trac>: Boot and Sugar need to include Fedora logo
  • <trac>8451</trac>: OFW Touchpad support
  • <trac>8942</trac>: X Touchpad support

Other bugs:

  • <trac>8667</trac>, <trac>8799</trac>: wireless fixes for mbletsas.

Description of the patches applied to the new RPMs in this build

Firmware Changes

Update to at least q2e22 which has many fixes and support for the new keyboard. All thought new keyboard support is not stirctly required, (new KBC machines from the factory will already have the the latest firmware) its going to be helpful for them if all their machines are at the same firmware level after the upgrade.

q2e18->q2e22 change list


  • trac 8451 - Fixed test-all crash after touchpad test.
  • Multicast NAND updater test version included
  • trac 8737 - Better wlan scan output from APs with malformed data
  • Support for new keyboard controller
  • Handle ramdisk location changes required by new Linux kernels
  • Turn on serial console for secure boot
  • trac 8818 - fixed spurious memtest error reports by turning off USB when running memtest.
  • trac 8811 - fix booting Linux with no ramdisk.
  • trac 8785 - fixed NAND partition creation bug
  • fixed ftrace regression
  • trac 8451 - Handle "test /mouse" issues raised by comment 9 of that ticket.
  • trac 8451 - further improvements in mouse/trackpad robustness.
  • trac 8897 - EMACS was leaving cruft at the end of files.
  • scan-nand was misclassifying erased-without-cleanmarkers blocks.
  • trac 8940 - fixed glitches in trackpad selftest
  • trac 8932 - fixed non-secure OFW reflash from NAND
  • Added "stream-poll?" and "adaptive-poll?" mouse methods for client OSes.
  • Increased the size of args-buf to 256 to handle long Linux cmdlines.


  • Removed some unused legacy keyboard controller commands.
  • Support for new ENE keyboard controller


View the test plan at Test cases 8.2.1.