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"A mind is not a vessel to be filled but a flame to be kindled." - Plutarch

XO Laptop Hardware and Sugar Software Training Program Level 1

Place: Rizal, San Jose, Magsaysay, Calintaan Central Schools, Occidental Mindoro

Date: June 15- 23, 2011

Resource Persons: Mitchell Seaton, Tessa Yuvienco

Training Agenda:

I. Introduction

  1. OLPC Project Background : Worldwide and Philippines
  2. Workshop Course Overview
  3. Workshop Participants
  4. Resource Persons: Mitchell Seaton, Tessa Yuvienco

II. Workshop Goal

  1. Global Competence Matrix
  2. Bloom’s Taxonomy focusing on Higher Order Thinking Skills
  3. Constructivist vs. Instructivist Approach

III. XO Hardware Training Basics

  1. Starting up the hardware
  2. Discovering its features
  3. Troubleshooting hardware issues
  4. Repair, replacements and hardware support

IV. Sugar Software Training

  1. Sugar Environment Overview
  2. Sugar controls and settings & connectivity (Wifi/Mesh)
  3. Collateral Procurement Activities
  4. Project Building & Collaborative Activities, i.e. Write, Etoys
  5. Sample Project Lessons
  6. Troubleshooting software issues & upgrading or reimaging the XO
  7. Gnome introduction (dual-boot)

V. Sugar Activities Integration in 4th Grade Basic Ed Curriculum

  1. Sample Lesson Plans
  2. Lesson Plan Creation in English, Math, Science, Hekasi (Social Studies)
  3. Feedback/Debriefing

VII. Awarding of Certificates of Participation

Workshop Conduct

I. Workshop attendees

Adela Central School (Rizal)

  1. Novelyn C. Saulog
  2. Elizabeth T. Delas alas
  3. Medelita M. Varona
  4. Xicon C. Garcia
  5. Monaliza T. Aldave
  6. Frylean Mae M. Cadiao
  7. Chastien

II. Technology Infrastructure of the four select schools

Schools Status Requirements Next Steps
Adela Central School No existing service * Broadband signal in local area
  • Following receipt of broadband availability, layout of server/dual-router setup and safe storage area (commercial grade preferable)
* Work with community/mayor office to for signatures/support case for telco infrastructure.
  • Fallback while disconnected – work with other connected schools or communities to establish availability of access to online educational or teaching resources and communications for teachers.
  • Store content for serving from local School Server to teachers and students.
San Jose Pilot Central School * Existing service
  • Wi-fi router from the school principal's office
* Extend Wi-fi signal range to Grade IV classrooms.
  • Commercial grade Wi-fi AP routers (multiple 3-4) to handle connectivity
  • Power supply method in-class or storage room (rack solution – preformed or local custom built solution
* Decision by Provincial team and school on adapter/rack ratio if the manufactured option is desirable.
  • Procurement of devices within budget include wi-fi repeaters.
  • Positioning of routers to provide adequate signal to all classrooms
  • Procurement and delivery of power solution for school (recommended hybrid approach power adapter and school rack solution)
  • Testing of signal reach to classrooms (with repeater positioning)
Magsaysay Central School * Existing service, but no wi-fi
  • Antenna on highest (land position) IV Classroom
  • School principal/tech leader is seeking advice on AP router equipment purchase
* School server to be located in Grade IV (antenna) classroom and be secured
  • Wired cat-5 solution to bridge distance, to extend signal to other classrooms with second router device (commercial grade preferable)
* School to procure router AP device (on advice)
  • Classroom to be secured (window panes to be installed) to protect equipment
  • Testing of signal reach through multiple concrete classroom walls.
Calintaan Central School * No existing service
  • Broadband accounts available in area
* Broadband account with supplier
  • Wi-fi signal to all Grade IV classrooms
* Secured IT room, potential site for School Server solution and AP.
  • Single or dual-router (APs) solution to serve all the Grade IV classrooms (commercial grade preferable)
  • Testing of signal reach to classrooms

Training/workshop Proper

One Laptop Per Child Project Overview

  • An overview of the OLPC Projects Worldwide and in the Philippines was presented.
  • eKindling Team was also introduced to the participants (Pax).

Teaching Methodologies

  • Pax were asked about their current teaching methodologies in the classroom.
  • Most of the pax admitted that a lot of teachers still use the traditional way of teaching, i.e. instructivist approach.
  • Trainer asked pax what they remember about constructivist approach and if they use this in classroom teaching.
  • Global competence matrix and 21st century teaching and learning skills were presented.
  • Pax were asked about the relevance of the core competencies in the life of the learners outside the school environment. A discussion on real, realistic, and relevant way of learning followed.
  • Pax were briefed that OLPC is anchored on the theory of constructivism. But, to meet the standards set by the Department of Education, a good blend of instructivism and constructivism could make an ideal learning environment for the Filipino students.

XO Laptop Hardware

  • Basic features of the laptop were discussed.
  • Hands-on sessions for starting up hardware and troubleshooting hardware issues were conducted for both CTs and Kid Tech Squad (KTS).
  • Pax were made aware of the strong OLPC community support re hardware and software concerns.

Sugar Software

  • Introduction to Sugar user environment – 4 Views, Journal, Frame, Control Settings (customisation), and Activities use and management.
  • Creation, usb boot configuration (training) and operational testing of SoaS (Sugar on a Stick) for those CTs with their own laptops.
  • Provided with Best Practices for Sugar and activities, including naming Journal records (activity titles) and saving or backing up works.
  • Introduced pax to Learner Manual (in production) covering documentation of Sugar interface/use and activities.
  • Provided backup methods and advice for backing up and restoring saved works in Sugar (offline).
  • Introduction to Sugar activities Write, Record, Memorize, Browse, Speak and Chat.
  • Exploration of Sharing and Collaboration features of XO laptop (wifi network) and Sugar and activities.
  • Introduction to logical thinking and scripting (visual programming tools) with eToys and Turtle Art activities.
  • Additional exposure to other Activities such as Music painter, Mamamedia Suite and Jukebox to play educational videos such as Kahn Academy videos.
  • Made suggestions and provided examples to CTs of Sugar activities inclusion in Lesson Plans.

Workshop Outputs

  • Kid Tech Squad:
  1. Photo blog of favorite places in the school using Write and Record activities,
  2. Interview with Municipal Government staff re Dengue alert awareness campaign using Write and Record,
  3. Creation of Memorize activities
  4. Beginner eToys project (tick-tac-toe game)

OcciMin5.jpg OcciMin6.jpg OcciMin7.jpg

  • Champion Teachers:
  1. Photo blog of top 3 personal items that they couldn’t live without using Write and Record,
  2. Lesson Plan creation integrating some Sugar activities,
  3. Creation of Memorize activities for lesson supplement.



  • Ability for each school to self-create and run SoaS (Sugar on a Stick) USBs.

OcciMin10.jpg OcciMin11.jpg

Some Feedback from CT Leads sent via email (verbatim):

Beni Chan - San Jose Pilot:


That the Trainors leave one unit of XO laptop for us to use to continue exploring and learning the other activities which were not discussed with us. The USB flashdrive which the team gave us do not contain all the activities available in the XO laptop.

That a User’s Manual for each activity be made available to us to enable us explore how to use all the activities in the XO.

That a time be set exclusively for us , teachers, to plan lessons using the XO during weekends. If planning of activities is done on weekdays, the teachers will most probably work on them through the nights, thus, compromising their health. This for sure will have a negative effect on the teaching-learning process. For this extra effort, teachers should be given extra points which they can use for promotion. We need our school head’s help on this aspect. The SJPES teachers chosen for the OLPC Program are willing to work. This is just a suggestion to further encourage them.


Initially for the teachers, using the XO laptop in their lessons will require a lot of their time planning for suited activities. We need patience and proper planning and a lot of sacrifices on this aspect. We, teachers, has to sustain our interest/desire in using the XO laptop. There is a tendency for us to slide back to the traditional way of teaching once problems come in the way. One major problem I foresee is the lack of time since teachers still have family needs to attend to. Using the XO laptop will be very beneficial to our pupils since they will be introduced to a modern technology of learning. I believe, this will give them a lot of self-confidence and competence.


What do you want to do on your own? Pray for the success of the One Laptop Per Child Program in our school. Am a strong believer in the power of prayer. Work and prayer will ensure success.

What are the things that should be done? Formulate a Vision – Mission – Goals for this purpose to guide us through. Timely and sufficient support and affirmation from our school heads to keep us going . We need them very badly.

Renante Consolacion - Magsaysay Central School

ICT-Based Instruction: Taking the Challenge, Making Opportunities

Magsaysay Central School is fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to implement the One Laptop per Child Program of the provincial government--which is about to go in full swing by October. In preparation for the final implementation of the said program, the so-called champion teachers have undergone training/workshop in OLPC/Sugar Learning Platform. The training gave champion teachers the technical background of XO laptops and through the hands-on activities understood the programs, how they are run and how can they be used as teaching devices.

Two days couldn’t suffice for teachers to learn the ins and outs of the sugar learning platform. As the main people before the battle, they should not and I suppose will not be sent at once to the battle without equipping them with the appropriate skills like in designing learning activities appropriate to the learning level and still putting into account the competencies desired and expected of the pupils. The teachers should be well oriented on the troubleshooting schemes of the tools. The way of assessing the pupils’ activities interactively should also be given due consideration.

The champion teachers should be competent and confident in the skills they will need when they come to use the laptops. A constant communication should be established between the champion teachers and the system’s experts. Teachers by now should start to know the requisite skills for the pupils to use the laptops as effective as the way they expected to. The ICT teachers may conduct pre-lessons on the skills required. By and large, the OLPC prog am can be very helpful.....teachers, pupils and lay should not look at it as the purpose but is a means to an end......

Novelyn Saulong - Adela Central School


Please next time include topics about MS Excel for easier computation in mathematics.

Also topics about formats or guide on making a school paper.

Filipino trainers for the children for easier and better understanding.


We learned a lot from this training and and it is an ahah moment for me when i learned that pupils can compose their own music with an art at the same time using the XO. Pupils will definitely enjoy it.

The drawings that we made can move in any directions we want to.

Recording and taking videos is another exciting activity for the pupils.

We teachers should provide activities that can use in the real classroom setting to enhance learning.