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Remote Pilot: Lubang,Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

eKindling is collaborating with OLPC-Australia and OLPC-NZ(New Zealand) in bringing the first remote school Pilot in the Philippines. This willbe made possible through the generous fund raising and contributions by current and former National Computer Center employees with the leadership of Meg Simpson. The goal is to deploy 100 laptops to 4 classrooms in the school.

School Profile

Lubang Integrated School

  • Information on Lubang: [1]
  • Location: Barangay Araw at Bituin Lubang, Philippines
  • Total Number of Students in the School: 603
  • Number of Students who will participate in the program: 93
  • Number of Teachers participating: 7
  • Number of computers in the classroom: 2
  • Internet Connection: Wired, Broadband
  • Accessibility of the School from Metro Manila: 30mins. by Plane, 7 hours by ship

<googlemap lat="13.854143" lon="120.108504" type="normal" zoom="13"> 13.865, 120.108504 Bituin Lubang, Philippines please zoom out to see location better </googlemap>

Collaborating Members and Institutions (pls. add additional information)

  • Ryan Letada: eKindling, Philippines
  • Harvy Viray: University of the Philippines
  • Tessa Yuvienco: Headway School
  • Mitch Seaton: OLPC-Australia
  • OLPC-New Zealand
  • Cherry Withers: eKindling, USA
  • Meg Simpson: National Computer Center former employee
  • Col. Sanchez: Mayor of Lubang

Project Checklist

  • Initial Deployment Checklist: Done by Mitch Seaton, Meg Simpson & Col. Sanchez. Date: 8/26/2009
  • Lubang Consultation Visit: Ryan Letada, Tessa Yuvienco & Harvy Viray. Date: 11/24/2009-11/26/2009
  • Curriculum Integration Development and Moodle Set-up