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Various test queries that were or could be on

Enables a dynamic Feature roadmap — see Semantic MediaWiki#For software features.

Querying software features

What to query

Features are in subcategories of Category:Software features, but querying on this matches many pages that aren't software features, because some feature subcategories such as Category:Network and Category:Network are already in use.

{{Feature tracking}} sets some other properties like Property:Short name, Property:Is part of, etc., so the trick is to pick one that is specified (not blank or default) in all software features. Probably Property:Short name is safest.

That gives us {{#ask: Short name::+


}} software features (a few may be tests).

So use | limit=200 | in queries to display all the features.

Result format

You could regenerate the old huge feature roadmap page by using | format=embed | , which would bring all the subpages back. But you're back to a large unwieldy page.

You could use a results display template to shorten some links (e.g. show the short name in the link to the subpage), but you lose the clickable column headings.

To avoid repeating the Software feature subcategory on each line, repeat the query for each subcategory and don't display it.

Creating a new feature

  1. Make sure the feature doesn't already exist
  2. Pick an area (or "Feature subcategory") from the list below, don't create a new one
  3. Find the requester(s)' wiki pages and the feature owner's User: wiki page
  4. Read the Usage section of Template:Feature tracking for help filling out the template on the new page
  5. Follow the OLPC:Style guide for page names, change Good feature name to your new subpage title.
  6. Ready? Click the button below to create a new meeting wikipage with the right title convention that's prefilled from Template:Feature tracking/Preload, edit it to suit, then save. After a delay (due to wiki query and page caching), your new subpage will appear in lists of features.

<inputbox> type=create preload=Template:Feature tracking/Preload buttonlabel=Create a new Feature roadmap subpage. default=Feature roadmap/Good feature name width=40 bgcolor=#f0f0ff </inputbox>

Default query ("Greg list")

The template's "Feature subcategory" parameter both sets a category and Property:Is part of. We can sort by the latter to present features by category.

This will replace section 2 of Feature roadmap Click on the arrows in any heading to sort by that heading. {{#ask: Short name::+

 |?Is part of=Area
 |?=Feature page
 |?Requested by=Requested by
 |?Helps deployability
 |?Target for 9.1
 |?Contact person=Owner(s)
 |sort=Is part of
 |default=Nothing found in Category:Software features with Property:Short name?!


Before you ask, you can't ask for "grouping" of results to avoid area repeated over and over; instead you would repeat the query each time querying for a different areas or subcategory.

What features did a country request?

Query for ([[Requested by::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]), e.g. here's one showing what OLPC Peru requested. {{#ask:

 Requested by::OLPC Peru
 |mainlabel=OLPC Peru wants
 |?Is part of=Technology/subsystem
 |default=Nothing found in Category:Software features requested by Features-test


Other sample queries

Features showing category list

This queries for anything in Category:Software features, it shows category to try to show feature. (Only displays 10 results.) {{#ask: Short name::+

 |?Category=in the following categories
 |?Requested by
 |default=Nothing found in Category:Software features with Property:Short name?!


But, as you see below you can't sort on category display! Maybe have to have Property:Feature subcategory, like Property:Test subcategory, or use Is part of::Power management, Is_part_of::Journal , etc. {{#ask: Short name::+

 |?Requested by
 |default=Nothing found in Category:Software features with Property:Short name when we try to sort by Category.