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This firmware goes in the little 1 MB SPI flash that's used for booting, not the 1GB NAND flash (or 512MB in earlier prototypes) used for the OS image and user data. The SPI flash contains the EC Firmware, Open Firmware, and 2k Manufacturing Data. See Firmware SPI FLASH Map or its dia source file.

There is an automated installer that updates both the SPI flash and the NAND flash. That would give you the latest stable versions of both. The automated installer can be adjusted to use one of the files below if you prefer.

There is also a manual update procedure for the SPI flash, C source code for a self-hosted Linux flash writer (may destroy the manufacturing data), instructions for flashing via Open Firmware, and a recovery procedure that requires the use of a serial cable and external oscillator.

Note: Once you upgrade to the Q2Cxx series of firmware do not downgrade to Q2Bxx! Doing so will destroy the manufacturing data.

Firmware Releases

Do not downgrade from C series to B series