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The game currently has a storyboard, which is developed from a viewpoint of an Indian villager, who is the Sarpanch (The administrator of the ruling body, Panchayat, of the village) of a village and his son helps him in the development of the village, who is the next candidate for the position currently held by his father. This page gives a detailed view of the storyboard of the game.


Long ago in the massive lands of India, there used to be a village called Gokul. The village of Gokul had a wise and an honest man, Kamat, as its Sarpanch. After many years of service, Kamat realized that he had grown old. It was the time to retire and pass on his responsibilities to someone, who had the potential, mind and passion to manage the village.

He and his close committee of advisers searched and searched for the ideal caretaker. Sometimes, when you keep on looking for the solution everywhere, you forget to look around your immediate environment. The person was right in Kamats house, his Son.


Cut Scene 1

Hello (Name of the person to whom XO is registered). I hope your studies are going well in school. The studies done in the school give you a theoretical aspect of doing things; you need to learn about how to apply these learning in real life. You need to know how to develop your village, as you might well become the Sarpanch after me. I will assist you in developing your skills... let us go to the village of AbuJamara.
Father, this is no village, where are the villagers? A village without people is like lake without water.
Yes, this is the place where the Abujamara people will move. The Abujmara village was situated on the banks or river Ganga. Mother Ganga cursed the people of Abujamara by changing its course of flow and flooding the Abujamara village. The people of Abujamara are homeless right now. They came to our village seeking help and the Panchayat decided to clear this forest and provide the land to the poor people. It is our job to help them establish a village on this land.
If you had been at my place, how would you bring life back to this village?
Father, I feel that the first requirement of the people of the village is shelter.
Very rightly said son. Every person needs a house to live in. Shelter is among one of the most basic necessities of a person. Build 3 huts to shelter the people of Abujamara. You can build a hut by clicking on Build Facility->house.