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This page primarily has information about the 2007 Give One, Get One program. Please see the new G1G1 2008 (XO Giving) program instead, where Amazon.com is helping, to avoid most of the problems discussed below.

Notice See New Notes below for most recent shipping (or lack thereof) information
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How to order an XO

One Laptop per Child will sell its XO Laptops at Amazon.com/xo starting November 17 for $399 plus shipping and handling. We hope this will become a progressively more global offering over time. These XO Laptops will run the Sugar learning environment (and possibly another desktop Linux environment).

Free XO laptops are also available to proven community contributors. No matter how you contribute to the OLPC community, you need simply document your project for approval here:


G1G1 Fulfillment Details

Notes on G1G1 shipment

Update: 26 March 2008

  • Like many others, my order number (700005xxxx) recently changed to "Your donation is at our warehouse and your laptop is in the process of being shipped.", but no activity with FedEx. The representative on the donor services line reported that all was well with my address, and it would be shipped by... "mid-April". Guess I'll hunker down and wait for the next round of shipments. I hope this info is useful to someone else. Kudos to those who received theirs in this last batch!

Update: 19 March 2008

  • The bulk of the remaining XOs have been or are now being shipped. If you are still waiting for your XO, please go to the tracking site: laptopgiving.org and enter you order number. You will probably get the message: "Your donation is at our warehouse and your laptop is in the process of being shipped." If so , you may wish to go to the Fedex tracking site. Enter your ten-digit olpc tracking number (starting with 70000) and your country (United states?) and postal code (zipcode). If Fedex has not yet heard of you, do not despair: just try again tomorrow. My number is 7000071xxx, and Fedex got my XO at 3:05 PM on 19 march. My household received two earlier XOs with numbers in the 700006xxxx range earlier this week. It's time to start researching the XO again and learning how to load the latest software. If you do not get the "at our warehouse" message, it's time to contact donor services again. If the Fedex trick does not work for you, wait until about Monday, 24 March, try again, and then contact donor services if Fedex has not heard of you.

About that download: Your XO will not work with a encrypted WIFI router. If your home WIFI is not encrypted, then you are currently at risk: anyone near your home may access your home network. This has nothing to do with OLPC. If your home WIFI is properly encrypted, your new XO cannot use it. At my house, we temporarily opened the WIFI access. this permitted our new XO to access the internet and download the latest XO software. We then reverted our WIFI to password protected.

Update: 15 March 2008

Your donation is at our warehouse and your laptop is in the process of being shipped.

This is different (and better) than the notice I had received previously about the "late March" delivery. If you're paying attention to these updates, you might wanna check laptopgiving.org to see if your status has changed too!

Update: 20 February 2008

  • New email:

Dear Donor,

We wanted to update you on the status of your XO laptop.

Our production schedule is still on track and we expect to deliver your laptop by the middle part to end of March. Your donation is in queue and ready for shipment as soon as we receive additional laptops.

You can continue to check on your order status at www.laptopgiving.org.

If you have any other questions regarding your XO laptop, please do feel free to reply to this email or contact our Donor Services team at 1-800-201-7144.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Update: 2 February 2008

  • Another batch of "apology emails" (From: OLPC Customer Care) were sent on January 30. Check your spam box to see if it was filtered out. Gmail in particular is junking this email. One version of the email looks like this:

Please accept my apologies for the delay in receiving your XO laptop. Give One Get One was such a phenomenal success that we over-taxed our order processing and payment systems. Demand exceeded supply. Additional XO laptops are being built now and will be delivered in 45 to 60 days. If you wish to reconsider your contribution in the face of this delay, we will issue a refund to you. We have set up a dedicated phone line for these requests. The number is 1-800-883-8102. In the meanwhile, please know that laptops are in the process of going to Mongolia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Haiti as part of the "give one" side of the equation. Fortunately, OLPC's mission of getting laptops to the children in these countries has not been delayed. In Mongolia, the children are already enjoying themselves and learning new things with their XO laptops. Please see: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Ulaanbaatar. Eliminating poverty through learning is gaining wider acceptance thanks to support like yours.


Nicholas Negroponte Chairman

OLPC Foundation

  • Apparently, some versions of the email contain more specific information, such as "Your new shipping address information has been recorded."
  • Also, some but not all have noticed a double comma after the salutation (e.g., "Dear Bob,,"). Make of it what you will. (probably nothing.)

Update: 29 January 2008

Well, it seems that some have still not received their laptops as of today. That said, there are a few things to report:

  • The Shipping Status page has been revised to provide more helpful information. (Info here.) Notice that you need to enter either your email address *OR* your Reference #. Both are not required. Also, do not be thrown by the IP of that page. I am told that this is correct. You can confirm that this is the page linked to from the main [3] site.
A sample response:
Your donation is ready to be shipped and is in our shipping queue. Unfortunately, we are awaiting new laptop inventory to fulfill your donation. We expect additional inventory to reach our warehouse from the last week in February through the end of March, and we intend to ship all remaining laptops to donors at that time. We will keep you posted as shipments are scheduled, and will send you an email when your laptop ships, with your tracking number.
  • An inquiry on IRC reveals the following information: "what happened was patriot had given us 30,000 orders, and told us that was alll, so we made 60,000 machines. But it turned out that the number of orders was much higher." For this reason, orders made in late December may arrive as late as March.(see also here).
  • From discussions on IRC, it appears that no g1g1 orders were ever lost, contrary to rumors of database corruption resulting in disappeared orders. I am told the OLPC folks do have a record of every order.
  • Also, if you received the January 21st "order status" email, but did not receive a subsequent email, this was due to the OLPC mail servers having problems. Most people apparently did receive that second email, but some did not. There is no need for concern that the 2nd email did not arrive properly.
  • I am also told a few things about the T-Mobile free Hotspot- First, that the Ref # you were emailed when you ordered is the same # you use on the T-Mobile hotspot page. HOWEVER-- the ref # is not "activated" until your laptop order is fulfilled. There is a wiki page already with more details about how to activate your Hotspot account once you receive your laptop. That page is here.
  • For those interested in tracking g1g1 delivery progress, this forum is a good place to read the latest info.

09:01, 22 January 2008 (EST)

OLPC extends our apologies to our North American Give One Get One Donors who have not yet received their XO laptops. The OLPC team has been working hard with our partners to resolve all open issues. Timely communication with many of our donors has been poor, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion, frustration and disappointment this has caused.

If you have not yet received your XO laptop, you should be getting an individualized email that addresses your specific situation.

Update: Order status emails were sent Monday 21 January. However, some donors have reported that (as with other past emails from OLPC) these being marked as "junk" and directed to their spam folder. Gmail is mentioned as one mail service that has done this. Please check your spam or junk mail folders to see if any OLPC message have ended up there.

During the reconciliation process of the “get” laptops shipped during Give One Get One, a number of unfulfilled order records were uncovered. We understand that another ~5000 XO laptops were shipped on Monday (January 21). If your laptop has shipped, you will also receive a follow-up email with tracking information.

The remaining Give One Get One orders pose an extra challenge, as they either have incomplete or no shipping and contact information, or they fail to show up in the ordering system at all.

We'll be adding additional phone lines and shifting agents to reduce wait times. A further reconciliation of the data will be conducted this week, although hopeful, we can anticipate additional incomplete orders. We humbly ask for your help and your continued support and patience as we concentrate our efforts on ensuring that every one of our supporters gets his/her XO as quickly as we possibly can get it to them.

Again, please accept our apologies and we sincerely thank you for your patience. Please check back on this page for up to date information.

Is your shipping address in Canada?

Most Canadian orders shipped out of the Toronto area / Mississauga and (in most cases!) arrived in late January. Latecomers (caused by billing/address exceptions etc) should arrive in February or March. Deliveries to Canadian PO Boxes are similarly underway.

You can check on the status of your laptop by visiting http://laptopgiving.org -- you will need your reference number OR the email address you used when donating. If you are unable to track your laptop, please contact OLPC Donor Services at 800-201-7144 or service@laptopgiving.org. Or, if exceptional situations arise, email "help @ laptop.org" with your complete order details.

Is your shipping address a PO Box in the United States?

Fedex does not currently deliver to PO Boxes in the USA. However, OLPC's shipping partner has arranged for shipping to donors whose PO Boxes remain on file. The bulk of these PO Box orders began shipping via USPS in late January, and will continue into February and March 2008. Monitor your order's status here: http://laptopgiving.org

Is your shipping address valid?

You can check the validity of US addresses here: http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp

Please check the validity of your FedEx shipping address here: https://www.fedex.com/saac/

Do you have an email with a Fedex Tracking Number?

Please enter your tracking number on the Fedex Tracking Site.

If the package was left at your shipping address, please check with Fedex for delivery problems.

If the package was not left at your shipping address, or was "returned to to sender", please forward the email with the tracking number and your order number

to Help [at] laptop [dot] org with FEDEX and your Order Number in the subject line of your email

Do you have an OLPC Customer Support or PayPal Confirmation Email?

If you received an email confirming your order, and you have not received a Fedex Tracking Number, we recommend:

1) Try the NEW Order Tracker at http://laptopgiving.org using your original email address, OR your 10-digit reference number.

2) If that fails to clarify, please send:

  • Your 10-digit Reference / Order Number

(or PayPal confirmation number if you have no such records)

  • Order Date
  • Order Method (PayPal/Phone)
  • Shipping Address
  • Day and Evening Phone numbers

to Help [at] laptop [dot] org with SHIPPING and your Reference/Confirmation Number in the subject line of your email

Questions about the T-Mobile 1-year offer

See here for more info.