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Using your PC for development: the Software Development Kit

This collection of programs is designed to assist 3rd party developers begin work on software for the OLPC


Using Yum

$ su - # cd /etc/yum.repos.d # wget

Or if RPMs are desiered they can be downloaded from link RedHat

Set up

Work in Progress.

Images of the software on the OLPC

At this stage in development we have daily images that are automatically generated. They work most of the time but it's very possible that some times we get an image that won't boot or has some kind of startup problem. At some point in the not too distant future we'll have a list of "known good" images that have gone through some testing.

If you want to download a daily image, please visit the OLPC Software Testing page for details on how to use them.

Development Notes

Using the Classic Linux Environment on the OLPC

It's possible to install a classic Linux environment on the laptop. You might want to use this to do development or testing of the hardware. Note that this is very different than what will be on the laptop in the end.

Future Notes

  • We should have a small development environment for you to use soon. While it's possible to use a Fedora Core Rawhide release to do development, you will want to make sure that your code works and compiles in a development environment that only contains the software that will be on the end laptop. This will be your final check before attempting to deploy software.
  • We will have more information soon about Sugar and building activities in python. We've only now gotten to the point where the builds are usable and should build out some development documentation soon.
  • eventually some volunteers will flesh out the information on the OLPC Python Environment to help people set up development environments on their favorite OS.