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Name Primary Uses Hex % Gray
Black Palettes, popups #000000 100%
Toolbar Grey Toolbars, Trays, Palette Groupings #404040 75%
Button Grey Default Button States #808080 50%
Selection Grey Selections, Panel Groupings #A6A6A6 35%
Panel Grey Panels, Desktop #C0C0C0 25%
Text Field Grey Text entry background #E5E5E5 10%
White Pressed states, multiline text areas #FFFFFF 0%


Sugar State GTK Equivalent Description
Default gtk.STATE_NORMAL The default state of the control; it is active (accepts interaction) but isn't presently being interacted with
Focused gtk.STATE_SELECTED The focused state; all focused controls have a rounded rectangle surrounding stroke; text controls have white background
Pressed gtk.STATE_ACTIVE The control is pressed
Hover gtk.STATE_PRELIGHT The control is beneath the mouse; generally reserved for a few specific buttons
Inactive gtk.STATE_INSENSITIVE The control is inactive, eg. not accepting any form of interaction



The high level activity view, inherits from Window. Example code for a stock activity:

import gtk
from gettext import gettext as _
from sugar.activity import activity

class FoobarActivity(activity.Activity):
    def __init__(self, handle, browser=None):
        activity.Activity.__init__(self, handle)

        toolbox = activity.ActivityToolbox(self)

        toolbar = gtk.Toolbar()
        toolbox.add_toolbar(_('Foobar'), toolbar)


        # editor = Editor()
        # self.set_canvas(editor)


  • Support canvas, toolbox and panel elements and layout them correctly.



  • The image should work the same as the image button
  • Need a theme to match the visual style
  • Cancel button should never be the default because you can always activate it with Esc
  • Radius should be 1/2 of the control height
  • Write a list of stock icons people should use and replace them in the theme to match our visual style


  • Used in canvas-like views, so probably a Hippo item.
  • Svg only (Must easily support dynamic colorization with xo colors)
  • Always has a Rollover Palette
  • Upon rollover it has a white, stroked, rounded rectangle focus mark


  • Supports multiple toolbars in tabs


  • Support both SVG and PNG formats; recommend SVG
  • Icons should be grayscale, but might accept XO colors (SVG only)
  • Size of the button is 75px, size of the icon canvas is 55px, and suggested icon size is approx. 45px.
  • States, defaults:
   Hover : 75px rectangle, black fill
   Pressed : 61px Rounded rectangle, 10px radius, selection grey fill
   Focused : 61px Rounded rectangle, 10px radius, white 2.25pt stroke
   Inactive (Fallbacks if no inactive icon is specified):
       Svg: Remove the fill and render the stroke in button grey
       Png: just do some effect on the pixbuf, which also work for grey icons
  • Icons may be specified for each state which overrides the deaults; Hover state of buttons with Rollover Palettes cannot be overidden.
  • Define a "palette" boolean property. When true, show an arrow and make the button action reveal the palette immediately on click (but also on hover as usual)


  • Support for Rollover Palettes
  • Contains IconButton
  • When there is no Rollover Palette attached, it should have a tooltip.
  • Normal: Button grey rounded filled rectangle
  • Inactive: Button grey rounded stroked rectangle


  • Toggled should be like Pressed
  • Inconsistent should be the same of Default (the action depend on the cases)
  • Pressed state and Toggled state is Selection grey


  • Contains a ToggleIconButton



  • Match the visual design, should be possible with just theme changes



  • Exactly like CheckButton just a different indicator



  • Match the visual style. Hopefully only theme changes.
  • Add the scroll thing.
  • Groups. Either by a normal separator or a titled separator.
  • Optional support for showing just the icon from the menu (maybe, low priority)
  • Allow fixed sizing of the "button" and ellipsize the label



  • Support for packing icons before and after the entry. Extend gtk.Entry.
  • Activate/Cancel functionality. Two buttons at the end to the entry and key bindings (Esc and Enter). They are visible only when there are changes. The icons appear only when the field is focused and the content is changed since it gained focus. When hitting escape revert and select all the text.



  • We miss accept/cancel functionality. Probably patch gtk to allow to replace the entry in the combo box with sugar.Entry.


  • Use sugar.Entry
  • Search button on the left. Clicking should focus the entry.
  • Cancel button (Esc) on the right, always visible when there is text in the entry. Clicking it will clear the text and focus the textfield.
  • Activate button (Enter) on the right displayed when the content of the text field changed from the last focus or activation.
  • While activating:
   the Activate button becomes a Spinner.
   clicking the close button also cancel the search.
  • When activation is completed:
   The spinner goes away.
   We *don't* clear the entry but we select the text.
  • Search can either be incremental or on activation. For incremental there is no Accept button. start_spinning and stop_spinning to control the spin icon. start would only spin for an amount of time decided by the widget itself (and documented).
  • The suggestions list is provided by the application. Need to figure out which api to use, either model or signal based.
  • Default implementation of suggestions which automatically save the latest searches.

DateSelector (lower priority)

  • Pluggable calendar implementation to support different kind of calendars (localization).
  • Might reuse gtk.Calendar. We should unify month/year selectors and accellerate the movement gradually.



  • Make it match the visual design, hopefully just theme changes


gtk.ToolItem or (the API will be kept very similar)

  • Optional label, either text or icon
  • Used for example to have a label near a SpinButton. Clicking on the label should focus the spin button.



  • Make it match the visual design, hopefully just theme changes.
  • For determinate progress bars should we always pulse to show that there is activity (power consumption? necessary feedback?)
  • Do not use text inside the progress bar


  • pulse() call to keep it running with a timeout
  • stop()



  • Property to show the fill in white color, probably default on.
  • Draw the discrete steps.
  • For colored sliders, subclass gtk.Range and add a gradient.


  • Set the number of blocks
  • Set the level as percentage
  • Property for discrete or not
  • We can probably use a GtkAdjustment for most of the above.Rollovers





  • Theme it to match the visual.


  • Support for markers. Line as default and optional support for other shapes (star for bookmarks, circles for xos...). Generic way of add marks and keep them updated (observer?)







  • just a container
  • set_title and set_title_widget (checkbox, radiobutton...)
  • different color (depends on container, either palette or panel), separator beneath title





  • Expand to fill the whole space by default but property to turn it off
  • Switching tabs with the little arrows should page


  • Inmediately on rollover, show the black background.
  • After a very short delay, show the primary state (name of the action and key shortcut).
  • After a bigger delay, show the popup secondary state.
  • Could be animated.
  • Menu Items would go on the top and then the free-form rollover content.
  • The popup would be a gtk.Window that contains a Label, a MenuShell, an hippo.Canvas (or whatever) and finally a button bar (OK/Cancel).
  • The popup will have a setPrimaryState(label, accelerator) method. For action buttons would be a MenuItem, for the others would only be a Label.
  • The primary state should already have the same width as the secondary state and the expandable areas.
  • Primary states appear and disappear automatically (with a short delay). A click outside makes it disappear instantly.
  • Secondary states appear after a delay, or with a single click on the icon.
  • Secondary disappears with the esc key, clicking outside the popup or clicking on a button inside.


The is a SexyIconEntry from Libsexy, see