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The XO Laptop features a revolutionary hardware design, combining power with power eficiency, at an unprecedentedly low cost.


See Display for more details.

The XO's dual-mode display is much cheaper than traditional laptop displays, and uses much less power. It functions both in a full-color transmissive mode similar to any other LCD, but can also be used in an ultra-low-power black-and-white reflective mode, readable in direct sunlight.


See Wireless for more details.

The XO's wireless chip works over a longer range than the wireless cards in most laptops. It is compatible with 802.11b/g, and its mesh networking is based on the draft 802.11s standard.


See Durability for more details.

The XO is far more durable than conventional laptops. It has no moving parts, eschewing a hard drive for flash memory, and using as few internal connectors as possible. |display = block}}


See Battery and power and Power Management for more details.

The XO uses much less power than existing laptops, due to a combination of low-power components and aggressive power management.


See Keyboard, Touchpad, Camera, Audio, USB, SD for details

The XO laptop includes a child-sized keyboard, a new dual-use touchpad, a built-in video camera, stereo speakers and a microphone, three USB ports, and an SD card slot.


The XO laptop, with a target cost of $100/unit, is cheaper than any fully-featured laptop on the market.

See Hardware specification.


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