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This page contains information about modifications to the XO hardware. These either fix a problem/shortcoming with particular implementations (or "builds") of the laptop, or extend its capabilities in particular ways. This page welcomes contributions from the community at large.

While some of these modifications are provided by OLPC, their use is not endorsed by OLPC. They are provided in the spirit of exploring the laptop hardware. Please remember that trying them is likely to damage your laptop.

Modification to XO-1 Production Models

These are modifications which may be made to the XO-1 laptop:

And, not really a modification of the laptop, but possibly useful nonetheless:

Modification of Pre-production XO-1 Models

There were several thousand B4 version ("build") laptops built and distributed to developers and trials around the world. These machines (and their close cousins, the B3 and C1 builds distributed only to developers) are functionally equivalent to the production machines...except for a few minor tweaks which can make a huge difference.

Even Earlier XO-1 Models

Modification to XO-1.5 Production Models

These are modifications which may be made to the XO-1.5 laptop:

Modifications to pre-production hardware

These are generally already present in production hardware.