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The Hebrew alphabet is used for Hebrew (Biblical and modern), Aramaic (Talmud and other sources), Yiddish, Ladino, and a number of other Jewish languages. Here is the Israeli Hebrew keyboard from Debian Linux.

 ;  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  0  -  =
      פ  ם  ן  ו  ט  א  ר  ק
ף  ך  ל  ח  י  ע  כ  ג  ד  ש       
.  ץ  ת  צ  מ  נ  ה  ב  ס  ז        

Biblical Hebrew uses a variety of vowel signs and other marks. Yiddish requires a number of extra letters, including the following.

אַ  פֿ  ײַ  װ  ױ  ײ


Some Free TrueType and OpenType fonts provided with Linux distributions include Basic Hebrew (Letters, vowel points, Yiddish tsvey-vovn, vov-yod, tsvey-yodn). Some specialist fonts support Biblical Hebrew. Support for other Jewish languages is spotty. Rendering of pointed Hebrew and Yiddish is erratic in current software. Some non-Free fonts such as Code2000 and Everson Mono Unicode also support Basic Hebrew.

  • Arial
  • Courier New
  • DejaVu
  • FreeMono, FreeSans, FreeSerif

There are also PostScript Hebrew font packages.

  • Culmus. serif (Frank Ruehl), sans serif (Nachlieli) and monospaced (Miriam Mono) fonts. Also included are Aharoni, David, Drugulin, and Ellinia.
  • Culmus Fancy. Anka, ComixNo2, Gan, Ozrad, Ktav Yad, Dorian and Gladia.